Make room

"For Rutt's Sake." Riley swore, taking a knife from her webbed belt. If this was an Alliance ship, they'd all be bound and held in the cargo bay. Screw this making people comfortable nonsense. She took the knife from her webbed belt and cut the boy's binds. He immediately rubbed his wrists and offered a smile by way of thanks as Riley offered a hand to pull him to his feet. His hand was rough and calloused, at least he knew the value of hard work.

"The Galley's this way, let's get you fed while I figure out who all is staying where." Jacy would likely be in the med bay 'til they reached Persephone, which bought some time, as two rooms were currently occupied by the newlyweds and their mother in law. The crew quarters housed the Captain, Riley, the engineer and now the thief and quick-draw. "Go sparse on supplies, we went from a ship of 7 to 11 in a matter of hours, and I ain't yet done an inventory on provisions. We'll make due 'til Persephone.

I'm going to give you Jacy's quarters." Riley told the new medic. "Nothing fancy, suite's taken by a honeymoon couple. We don't see 'em much, and they're paying good money, so I'll thank you both in advance to leave 'em be." She planned to put Jacy's belongings in one of the ship's two shuttles, neither of which worked, so both were currently being used for storage anyway. "And that leaves the small room towards the stern for you. I don't know if the Cap'ns planning on putting you both to work or if you get to mooch out a voyage. Either way, I don't expect there being any trouble." She patted her side arm for emphasis. "I hope we're all in agreement. You help yourselves to some food, I'll go make space for you both." Like a Gorram deckhand, she inwardly grumbled.

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