Idle Talk

Aello nodded at Riley as she wasn't looking to get close anyway. Aello figured Riley wanted them to nod and behave till they reached their destination. Once in the Galley they saw Devron and a small girl. Aello nodded politely as she made her way to the cupboards to see what supplies they had. Since they were trying to be sparse on the supplies she made a few sandwiches from hodgeberry preserve and peanut-butter for those who asked. She then sat down and slowly ate her meager meal as she drank some re-filtered water. She looked at the others as she slowly ate. Vas was around 18 to 20 years old and looked like he had a rough life. Devron looked like a typical wrench hand, only armed. Riley looked and acted like an Alliance soldier. However the young girl seemed to be a stowaway. Apparently she had a brother somewhere on the ship, but Aello had yet to see him. As she looked around she noticed this ship was in better condition than the last one. For starters it didn't have a gaping hole in the hull. Aello wondered if this was a decent crew since they tolerated the two kids that stowed away on their ship. She felt for their situation but was in no position to help them out, since she was a dead woman walking if her identity was ever discovered.

"I have never been to Persephone before. What kind of place is it?"

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