OOC - Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now on our Final Approach...


+ Our next post (right after Aello's disturbing sleep post) will have us arriving at Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. Want some additional data on the locale? Then click that link above.

+ The planet Persephone has plenty of potential, but how much of it we explore during this stopover will be determined by the pacing of your posts. If yall are having fun and getting stuff done we’ll stay and play, otherwise, we’ll cut tail and mosey along to the next adventure we have lined up for you.

+ Elveron, keep working on one or both of those shuttles as you see fit, but we won't have them up and running just yet.

+ Jaxx, I want you to be careful with how you play Aello. Two things to remember; she's a doctor first and a non-combat operative second. Most of her training was in the medical field. Second, make sure you aren't pumping her head up with Player Knowledge that she as a character would have no way of knowing. She's smart and can put two and two together, but right now she seems remarkably informed and dialed into things I don't feel she'd necessarily know.

+ Matt (playing Dimitri) is a Firefly newb who I will work with off set to bring up to speed, but prepare your characters to pummel him mercilessly with fun factoids and in character guidance. I'd ask you to keep it classy, but you know your characters better than i do.

+ I hope everyone packed their favorite drinking mug ‘cause we're going to the bar in the next post.

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