Howlin' at the Past

The darkness above was a million pinpricks of light shining through a blanket of black. The sound of festivities wore on into the evening, emanating from the bars and taverns, long shadows cast from lights along the boulevard. One foot in front of the other, the nun watched her slender feet find the path to the LV, but her mind was still on Athens with Bao. The bright kasaya she wore was a dim gray in the Skyplex's artificial light.

Hearty smells of stews and barbecue wafted from the storefronts and bazaar booths that had yet to tear down for the night. Quiet streets horded scattered piles of trash from the celebration; someone was singing a somber song from a backlit window facing north. Ly was reminded of when she found Keller on Santos, how she had felt propelled by the Verse. The kind words he had said for no reason at all, seeing the ship for the first time: home.

And there it was, much like it had been. A gentle giant, beckoning her inside, to pray and care for its many members. A safe haven. A howl came from inside the LV, a Drog pup learning the strength of its own voice. The pup was enough to break Ly from her complacency, and she rushed up the ramp to pet and nuzzle the Droggies. It took everything she had to keep a wide birth from the yewlings, as momma Drog may not appreciate them being fluffed just yet.

Drog kisses still drying on her cheek, Ly made her way the top of the cargo bay to dangle her legs and watch the view. Head on her arms, the pups started yowling once more, and Ly threw her head back to answer with a howl of her own.

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