Med Bay: Stitch Me Up

Vas ambled into the med bay really starting to feel the ache on his bones. The Doc hardly had to say anything for Vas edged onto the new examination table. He gave a sigh happy to be off his bruised and puffing feet. Sleep and Food, after the Doc had his way fixing him up. He hoped Jacy wasn't going to be cross with him for not greeting her on his return.

Serena strained her ears hoping to hear some tidbit of what was going on. Her hand barely hurt anymore, numb from the cold, and she wished she felt the same. Instead, her heartbeat like one of the steel drum players that lined the streets during the fair. Her hands were clammy. There were so many people on this ship. The Captain and Lieutenant, Marisol. Marisol! She loved the name, it was bright and pretty and sounded like something that would shade you from the sun. And of course, she knew the name Vas Jat, which made her hug her knees to her chest and shrink smaller into the contour of the small plastic chair.

On the ship itself, she hadn’t caught names. A boy about her age or maybe younger, a girl who was much younger than her. She shifted uncomfortably, and scowled, thinking about the drunk man in the cowboy hat. There was a woman with long pretty hair and eyes like hers, and a woman dressed entirely in black. The only other person she’d seen had a creepy smile plastered onto his face and the devil in his eyes. He followed the woman dressed in black back to her room, but he did stop just long enough to make the sixteen-year-old in pigtails less comfortable if that was possible. She swore he left eye prints in his wake.

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