With Teats

Lady Ellylo and Lord Mirten may have gotten off to a very rigid start, but the stoic man was much softened by the end of Jacy’s visit. He had even offered to escort her back to the Lunar Veil, but she advised him her visit would be most impactful by letting her be seen leaving his quarters alone then him showing his temperate side shortly after. It was best that others view his revised nature as being the result of introspection and self improvement, not acumen from the lips of a companion. As it was, the two of them had been seen together numerous times over the past two days, and Jacy went out of her way, surreptitiously of course, to make sure everyone knew Lord Mirten was with a companion. And her own reputation was better served if the public thought she left her clients thoroughly exhausted and temporarily incapable of walking. In the end, the common man would still measure her as a woman who engaged in promiscuous sex for money and she would do whatever was required to score high marks.

So in the afternoon of the Lunar Veil’s third day berthed in a hangar on the Skyplex, Jacerelyn Ellylo returned to the ship, accompanied by the same two Alliance officers, though their disposition was much improved. The three of them shared a laugh at some remark and a third man, hardly more than a boy, followed with her trunk and two other pieces of luggage, new and full of gifts, souvenirs, clothes or whatever physical assets passed into her possession. Gone were the purple highlights of her original outfit and none seemed to have taken notice of her current color scheme, that being soft browns in suede and leather. At the ramp to the Lunar Veil, the Alliance officers deposited her bags and offered a crisp salute which she just found delightful. She did her best to mimic their formal act, but with the handles of bags hanging in the bends of her elbows, it was not an easy act. They didn’t seem to mind so little or expect so much and with a quick farewell, they were on their way. Jacy turned and looked at the chair, umbrella and sign. Riley’s posting. It was too bad Riley wasn’t at hand, she would have gotten a real thrill out of watching the Alliance...well on second thought - Riley probably didn’t get a real thrill out of anything, and certainly not a special act of respect paid to a civilian whore. Jacy sighed and looked up the ramp. It hadn’t been so long ago she’d struggled to get all her luggage on board the first time, though then she’d been pretending to be a deckhand. Now she was loaded down with more luggage, though to be fair some of it was for Sugarbear. Her time with Lord Mirten had reminded her how much she appreciated Vas Jat, not just for his pronounced abs and shiny heiny, but for his commitment to the chain of command - such as it was - even if it meant falling on someone else’s grenade.

Well if everything went to plan, none of those staffing issues would be a problem anymore. He would not be wandering off to join some other crew, leaving Jacy to fend for herself with the Lunar Veil’s ragtag squad of sailors. She had taken steps to see to that. A quick call ahead and she’d been put in touch with the captain of a vessel by the name of Skyhook. Arrangements had been made to offer Vas a tentative position, just to occupy his time during the stopover and thereby prevent him from securing actual employment on some other vessel. Jacy needed Vas right where he was, right by her side, and she needed the Lunar Veil with it’s diversified crew. She was out here for a reason, afterall and that hadn’t changed.

But without Sugarbear or any of that diversified crew, it took Jacy three trips to haul her impedimenta onboard and into her shuttle. That the shuttle was still welcoming and didn’t feel cluttered was evidence of Jacy’s organizational skills. It took some time, but she got everything put away, though she did have to store the trunks in the second shuttle. It was a mess and could really use her attention and elbow grease, but that wasn’t really Jacy’s thing - not when there was nothing in it for her directly. It would not do having others know she could actually clean and be useful in that capacity. Best they thought her useless.

Jacy had just returned to her shuttle and changed into something more suitable to space travel, that being tiny white shorts, an even shorter white top and some furry boots for her chill-proned feet. She was hoping to play a few new games with Sugarbear when he returned since he’d no longer be crew chief or crew and they could hide out in her shuttle for days if they wanted. And she wanted. She heard someone howling alongside the dogs down in the cargo hold; it sounded like Lyen, but she wasn’t certain. It made her smile and miss her man all the more. He had done a bit of howling the other night. She closed the hatch to her shuttle and sat down to call up a Captain Richelle Edwards having only spoken to her the one time before. Yes it was a touch dishonest to trick Vas into thinking he’d secured safe passage for her and work for himself, but sometimes a brief lie was worth elongated happiness. Only… Richelle Edwards wasn’t answering the Cortex - no one aboard the Skyhook was picking up the wave. After trying five times she stood up from the console and grabbed a microscopic jacket - she would just have to go find this Skyhook vessel and find out what was what. There had to be someone on the LV who could go with her. Then alarms began sounding, lights were flashing and everything was red. That wasn’t good. Remembering the recent scare with the fuel leak in the Engine room, Jacy wasn’t keen to venture down there, but with the ship being… What were they? Behind on the hangar fees? About to explode? Under attack? Jacy made her way through the empty ship to the infirmary. There was no one inside and the flashing red lights made everything look creepy. She couldn’t help but notice the new chair, it was more than that, it was an entire medical unit. That was high dollar equipment. She bit her lip then checked the door behind her, but she was still alone. Her hands drifted to the decorative clasp holding her hair back…

A few minutes later she left the infirmary and continued onto the Engine room, but it too was empty. Jacy did her best not to touch anything, knowing that things were a certain way for a reason. This was not her domain - except she thought she saw… No that was impossible. There was no way she’d just seen the designer label of her black leather pants on the strip of material sticking out of a cabinet. It was in a shredded little section of fabric, too small even by her standards to be considered clothing. She couldn’t even be sure of the color in these emergency lights. Interesting, but not worthy of concern at the moment.

So Jacy visited many areas of the ship and searched for others, but aside from the widow - who upon seeing Jacy’s outfit gave her another disappointed and judgmental glare, and Leo who upon seeing Jacy’s outfit gave her a lustful leer - Jacy could not find any others. She was alone with the howling dogs until Riley arrived with the mule and a truck calling for help with heavy lifting. Dressed as she was, the act of lifting her elbows above her shoulders would have divulged some serious underboob. She had just had her nails done - again - and heavy lifting was not Jacy’s thing. So she made herself useful elsewhere. She returned to her shuttle to make some inquiries about Vas Jat and the Skyhook and so she did not see Vas Jat returned to the ship. Nor did she see the vast quantities of frozen animal flesh being stashed in the second shuttle where she’d so recently stowed her extra luggage which was, honestly, beginning to approach an excessive supply.


“Thank you, Major,” Jacy was saying. “Please let me know as soon as you can; I don’t think I can delay the Lunar Veil’s upthrust. Yes sir, it’s a catchy slogan. Yes sir, I’d be happy to send your wife a pair of - oh it’s for you? I find that perfectly natural, Major. Might I suggest a slightly larger size? I’m sorry sir, there’s an urgent wave coming in; please let me know whatever you find out. All my love.” And Jacy quickly switched to the incoming wave. It was from Lord Mirten and he’d promised to put out some feelers.

“Jacy, I found him,” Mirten spoke quickly, looking about anxiously as if he were not supposed to be helping her. “He was seen entering the Lunar Veil’s hangar with his Captain.”

“Captain Edwards?” Jacy asked.

“Captain Keller,” Mirten corrected her. “And there were others with him that match the description you gave me of the crew. We found Captain Edwards onboard the Skyhook, out cold. The rest of her crew weren’t so lucky. One’s dead, it was messy. The other is missing. Skyplex is a big place, but it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want to be found. At least, when you only give me 15 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, Lord Mirten…”

“We can dispense with the formalities, Jacy.”

“No that’s probably not wise, Lord Mirten.” Jacy could hear the LV’s engines powering up for upthrust, Riley’s announcement having come through a while back. “What is the name of the Skyhook crewman, the one who is unaccounted for?”

“Selena Edwards,” Mirten answered. He too could hear the ship preparing for lift off. “I’ll update you soon. And Jacy, be careful out there. Reavers are most certainly still in the area.”

“Reavers?!” Jacy leaned forward toward the viewscreen, but at the worst time possible. The ship lurched underfoot and she slipped from her seat, falling forward to hit her head against the console. She was out cold before she landed on the deck of the shuttle.

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