About That Revolving Door...

Lyen’s embrace came as a surprise, and he gladly returned the gesture. “Ah’ll remembah what yah did fah me,” Dorian whispered in the closeness of the moment. As they withdrew to arm’s length, he smiled, “and so will tha surgeons. They were all quite impressed with …”

The rude squeal of the intercom turned all heads in the galley. “Paging Doctor Adler. Level 10 Code Platinum in the infirmary. I bumped my head severely, Doc.”

Dorian tilted his head as the broadness of his smile downplayed to the more professional mask. “Duty calls,” he shrugged, before tapping the intercom. “Adler here. On mah way.”

Marisol had returned, carrying the unlikely butchering tools. “As a medic,” he smirked, “Ah don’t think Ah could bear tah watch whatcha ‘bout tah do.”

“You’ll eat those words,” she offered a wry smile.

“Sistah,” he turned once again toward Lyen, “Ah would enjoy further conversation at a time when this boat settles down. Until then,” he concluded with a proper nod. But that is the question,, a notion which amused the medic as he took the steps down. Does this boat ever settle down?

“Miss Jacy, now what…oww,” Dorian reacted to the sight of the Companion. The exam table was still in it’s “treatment chair” configuration. Jacy had hopped up, and was seated regally as Vas hovered about. The young woman sported a fairly conspicuous knot to her forehead, its’ size exaggerated by the disturbance to her hairline. “First thing’s first,” he produced a cold pack from the freezer. “Kindly tell me how this happened?” He folded his arms, nodding as he listened to her account.

“Yah said yah were knocked out?,” he observed. “Are we talkin’ just knocked senseless fah a moment, or were yah unconscious? Any idea how long?” He went for the little wireless contacts as Jacy and Vas offered their opinions. “Ah want tah get some vital signs,” he said, before explaining where he’d be attaching the tiny sensors. “While it’s most likely that there’s no real harm done, it won’t hurt tah have a good look.”

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