Present Panic

Reavers. The lock down in itself had been terrifying, the ship sealing shut on them and the drogs going crazy. Haddie had immediately gone to ground as if she had known. Gill had found her in one of the vents they had used to hide in when they had first boarded the ship. She was sitting there huddled and still with a grim look on her face. Gill had said nothing. He just sat beside her with arm around here while they waited for the danger to pass.

They had heard the muffled screams outside, the gun fire. They recognised it and remembered the terrifying ordeal that had robbed them of their former life. "It will be over soon." Gill had murmured, knowing that the words were true one way or the other.

When the ship had opened and the others had returned Gill and Haddie had emerged. They drank in the relief of seeing familiar faces, especially Vas who had been rehired it seemed. There was a new girl too around Gills age. Normally he would have been curious about that, but right now he just felt empty as if the brush with their past had stripped something vital from him. Silly really, they had been safe after all and had seen nothing.

When Vas set himself and Haddie to work in stern tones Gill was not offended, he deserved the punks ire and then some. It still hurt though. A feeling that nudged past his numb mind and served to make him feel worse.

He and Haddie set about cleaning out the drogs and filling their bowls.

"Did you put the gifts where we agreed?" he asked Haddie, she looked up and gave a nod. Well there was that. They had done so well on their little crime spree that they had decided to share their bounty with the rest of the crew. Haddie had set about placing items in the cabins rather than stealing them for a change.

Two bottles of Blue Valentine whisky for the Captain, a rather nice Alliance issue lock knife for the Lieutenant. The Doc had a watch waiting for him in his room and Lyen a small bottle of perfume still gift wrapped for some poor soldiers lover he supposed. Jacy had a new leather truncheon to go with her collection and that just left Vas. Gill had not expected him to return but still he had the perfect thing to give him when the moment was right.

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