We Got Meat

It wasn’t until they were halfway through the cut-down that Marisol remembered one of the basics of Buddhist culture.

“I am so sorry,” she said perhaps one too many times to the very agreeable Sister Lyen. The nun had left the actual cutting chores to the mechanic, but as she helped to wrap and freeze each finished package, the diminutive woman still couldn’t help but feel somewhat shamefaced over her initial mistake.

Despite her regrets, the pair made short work of stocking the galley freezer with an ample number of steaks, roasts, and a wealth of ground beef. Two healthy briskets also went into the freezer. Marisol eyed one for corned beef, and the other she’d smoke over an open flame once they reached New Kasmir. A package of stew meat landed in the refrigerator for tonight’s supper.

She’d also grabbed 3 cartons of the hot dogs after hearing Vas’ preference for them. Too bad we didn’t find a bun trailer, she mused as the last of the butcher’s work was scrubbed clean. There was still plenty of flour. She might be able to fake something before “hot dog night.”

Working with Lyen had proven not only pleasant, but eye opening. Marisol’s experience with nuns had begun and ended with sour faced crones who draped themselves in black and seemed to delight in punishing children. At the tender age of fourteen, she’d renounced their teachings to work full time in her father’s mechanic trade, an indiscretion her grudge carrying mother held close all the way to the grave.

With her reception aboard Lunar Veil still less than cordial, she wasn’t at all certain about the local arbiter of faith. But Lyen had proven completely disarming; she’d been a bright, friendly presence whose mood never dipped during the whole process they’d undergone. It was impossible not to be affected by her positive nature. “Glad that’s done,” she huffed as the counter was wiped dry. “I’m sure the crew won’t complain about the food on this run. So tell me,” she said, “I won’t get to cook every day, but I love doing it. I try to make people’s favorites. How about you?” Marisol asked. “Do you have some favorite dishes?”

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