Death by Proxy

Twenty-two days.

An eternity. Granted, it was easy duty. The boat crew pretty much kept to themselves. Sister Lyen and Marisol were regular visitors with food, drink, or just coverage to permit her losing her sanity under the guise of “stretching her legs.” Beyond his narcissism and a well seated avarice, Leo was fairly dim witted company. Little matter, as she had other uses for him.

For now, the uppermost subject in Kate’s thoughts was the Reaver attack. The band who struck the Skyplex were anomalous. Being as far out of their territory as they were, she could deduce only two reasons for their presence. These Reavers were either mad with unsatisfied hunger and bloodlust, or they’d been compelled to pursue somebody to the Skyplex. A clever plan, she considered, if plan it was.

Of course, they hadn’t done themselves any favors in the matter. If Lunar Veil wasn’t the first ship off the dock in the aftermath, she was close. An obvious target, hightailing it off the Skyplex as if they had something to hide. Which, of course, they did. Mind you, as bad decisions went, bolting in the confusion after a Reaver attack was probably the best bad decision to make. There were two certainties afforded here. The first would be the fact that when the local law decided to take a gander at all those camera captures, they’d get a pretty clear picture of who rabbited from the Skyhook. Chances were that if that happed, “LV” would be several days out on her course. The second certainty was that no matter how slow or distracted, the local law would eventually take that gander.

Death by Reavers, she thought. Not a bad plan.

But in three weeks’ time, ‘Death by Deputies’ on New Kasmir could prove equally adept. Either way, Lunar Veil was a lone blip on a long, empty radar for twenty-two days, an easy mark for their pursuers. They may as well have a big neon sign on their hull.

The only bright spot to this scenario was Adler. His newfound connection to the Valentine Medical Complex had yielded a fresh channel for their communications, a multiple encryption medical cortex network that could keep them connected to their New Kasmir contacts. VMC’s insistence upon the privacy of patient medical records might just be their salvation. But from where Kate sat, gambling all their lives on the strength of the word “might” seemed a pretty poor option.

They had to have an alternate plan. She’d have to pull Adler and Marisol in on this. There was much to consider.

Suddenly, twenty-two days didn’t seem very long at all.

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