Soylent Green?

The Lunar Veil made noises, plenty of them different then the Sampan class. It hissed. It creaked. The engines were loud, and dogs, huge hulking dogs let out barks that echoed throughout the hull, like giant hell hounds. Not that she'd ever seen a hell hound, but she'd been to dog fights before, horrible pits of death. They were always good places to recruit. There was always someone willing to follow the then 14 year old back to the ship with the promise of sex; The verse had no shortage of people believing adding the word 'teen' to any number meant it was a consenting age.

Of course, the sounds paled in comparison to hearing Adahm struggle for just one more breath, the sound of which also didn't seem to want to leave her thoughts any time soon.

She already missed the sedative the medic had given her, the one that made her vaguely drowsy enough to drift off in his chair, the safest place on the boat. Not even moving from the corner of the room where she could keep cautious eye on the door to the bed helped, because lying in bed only served to exacerbate the noises she heard on the ship.

"Paging Doctor Adler. Level 10 Code Platinum in the infirmary. I bumped my head severely, Doc.”

Serena couldn't help but giggle. Not because someone bumped their head, though that would have probably elicited a subconscious, nervous snicker itself, but just the manner in which it was said.

“Adler here. On mah way.”

"He-ere" Like it was two syllables. "Mah." She repeated quietly with another giggle - the medic and his fancy talk.

"You ain’t no one but your own self here." The crew chief had told her. Those words were a lot less chilling than anything Vas Jat said on the Skyhook. There was a little bit of freedom in that though - knowing that there was a monster on the boat, tucked away beneath the surface. It was better than not knowing at all. All she had to do was lay low, stay out of his path, and all would be good til New Kasmir, which was a long haul.

Her stomach growled and she held the pillow closer against it, but the crew chief did say she could grab some lunch, so mustering what courage she had she padded down the hall to the galley.

In the door way, she audibly gasped, covering her mouth with one hand. There was the woman with the long dark hair and pretty almond eyes like hers, and the woman who had been on the Skyplex, in rolled down coveralls and a white tank top soaked in blood holding a hacksaw and an axe! Whose thorax did she hack out?

"I didn't see anything, I swear!" Serena told her, which was actually true. She hadn't seen anything. "I just wanted to get something to eat, but I'm good, I'm good! I'll be " She skittered back a few steps before getting a better look at what was being loaded into the fridge, and remembering their haul on the way back. "That's --beef? I mean, not like... people or anything, right?"

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