Am I going to make it?

<<“Miss Jacy, now what…oww. First thing’s first,” Dorian produced a cold pack from the freezer. “Kindly tell me how this happened?” He folded his arms, nodding as he listened to her account.>>

Jacy held Vas’ hand hostage with her own and with her other, pressed the chill pack to the side of her forehead. She was cold to start with and not suitably dressed for space travel if you were to ask some. Her time prone on the deck of The Lady’s Law hadn’t helped and being near Vas always made her tingly. Her legs were crossed and she saw a fresh abrasion on her knee as well. She gave Vas a squeeze and filled Dorian in with the specifics. “I was seated at the control console to my shuttle and there were alarms sounding throughout the ship. They had been for some time. I remember standing up, as the Lunar Veil’s upthrust rocked the ship. Yes I know, that was a bad move, but I assure you it was reactionary to the revelation of Reavers, not a willful desire to be on my feet. I must have fallen forward and bumped my head because the next thing I know is Sugarbear helping me to my feet.”

<<“Yah said yah were knocked out?,” he observed. “Are we talkin’ just knocked senseless fah a moment, or were yah unconscious? Any idea how long?”>>

“I was out, Dorian. There was no pain or confusion until I began to stir. There’s some disorientation as well. How long? How long has it been since we left the Skyplex?

<<Dorian went for the little wireless contacts as Jacy and Vas offered their opinions. “Ah want tah get some vital signs,” he said, before explaining where he’d be attaching the tiny sensors. “While it’s most likely that there’s no real harm done, it won’t hurt tah have a good look.”>>

“I’m accustomed to being poked and prodded by men, both legit and those merely playing doctor. Please place your sensory equipment as needed, Dorian.” Jacy gave him a smile and lowered her eyes.

OOC: I’m thinking it’s been a bit of time since Marisol & Lyen butchered all that meat and prepared something reviving for Vas to eat.

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