Getting to know you

Marisol - with the pretty name - went to clean up. “It’s okay, I’m not a reaver… yet.” Serena gave her a wide berth to pass, but not too wide, the Captain with the cowboy hat was nearby in a common area, still drinking the plum wine he got from what she remembered as the Reaver Truck. Drunks were usually easy to coerce, but many of them went from zero to irate really fast, and even if this wasn’t the Skyhook, staying on the good side of the captain and crew couldn’t hurt. Not doing so? Definitely might.

"Xiǎoxīn yīdiǎn (take heart little one)," the woman with the pretty eyes like hers said as she came close, but not too close. "Please come, sit. You must be hungry. We won't bite." Serena cowered, instantly picturing Vas Jat with his blood stained teeth spitting chunks of Adham to the floor. Even though she was fairly certain the pretty woman was speaking in jest, the fresh memory made her wince.

“Sheh Sheh (Thank you), just water is fine.” The girl in pigtails replied, “I won’t be any trouble.” She stifled a yawn as she filled a glass at the sink, then sat at the far end of the table, protectively holding the cup in both hands. It may have only been mid-day, but it was an eventful one that had started taking its toll.

“Lyen.” She said after a particularly long sip. “Crew Chief said you were a passenger? He wasn’t sure. We didn’t have-- well any, not on the Skyhook. We weren’t that kind of ship. Sampan class. Should I be doing anything for you?” The pretty woman chuckled again, and Serena’s stomach rumbled loudly enough to betray her words about just wanting water.

She picked at the food set before her, not wanting to seem ungrateful, but the tastes and textures were a lot different than she was used to. There was rice, that was familiar and likely safe enough, so she focused mainly on that.

The woman who identified herself as a nun was friendly and soothing, like putting a cold compress on a burn or walking into a warm room from the cold. So comforting she nearly forgot the fact that she was kidnapped. “You’re very pretty.” Serena offered as she guiltily discarded the unknown food as discreetly as possible before washing her dish and glass. “I hope we get along, and some time maybe you can show me how to twist my hair into pretty braids like yours?” She twirled a finger round a ponytail for emphasis. “But Crew Chief said to eat and get rest, so maybe another time soon.”

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