I Spy ...

With deckhand set to running Vas himself got to work. While Gil may have not realized it Vas was in a way training him. Building him up a bit so he was less scrawny and didn’t have the endurance of a corpse. Also to keep him and his sister out of trouble. Serena seemed to have adjusted well though she still jumped and sqeaked around him. He had figured on a ship like the Skyhook she might have seen worse. Guess not. Besides, there was always something to do, tend, clean, check … it was a ship after all and she needed attention and care.

Vas was very attentive to her the Lunar Veils needs and it’s crew. Today it was Doc’s lair. The Medbay. Which oddly sees a lot of use! Thankfully so far with only one really serious event and a hell of a lot of minor ones! But that means the place was overdue for a top to bottom sterilization. With the his two half pints and mouse busy working at it it was then on Vas to get it done, honestly he would rather do it. It was Doc’s workspace so he wanted to be sure it was done right.

It was nothing short of a long pungently smelly process with tons of watered down bleach and piled of rags. Counter shelves cabinetry, counters, floors. Nooks and crannies galore needed deep attention and lots of spraying.

It was cleaning. Nothing exciting. It was work.

Vas yawned as it rounded the last of the shelf. His figer taking a bit more of a lazy wipe he felt a weird bump when his finger pass o the underside of one of the shelves. He wiped again … the bump was tacitly out of place. Obviously so. The smooth bottom and rhythm of his wipes were disrupted by it.

His brow furrowing in a mix of annoyance and curiosity revealed and little gray pill clinging to the underside. It was a familiar curious thing.

Vas frowned as un Crew Chief like thought rattled in his head. Her eyes narrowed slightly. The punk continued cleaning. He was not fond of the game, he knew many who were better and deadlier at it then he ver could be. That didn’t mean he didn’t know how to play.

He liked the med bay being bugged even less.

The question was … why the med bay?

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