Tattle Tale

Vas blinked as he gathered up the last of the dirty rags having finish cleaning the sanctuary top to bottom. “I’ was just about done.” He paused looking at Serena with a quirked eye. “Everything Shiny?” He asked.

Serena looked over her shoulder again. “The passengers -- we didn’t have ‘em on the Skyhook, and are they -- if they tell me they need something or want something, I don’t remember if you said anything about them or that.”

“Gill is the cabin boy but he only does turn down. A passenger needs anything they can’t get themselves you tell me. They aren't allowing the cargo bay either … not without permission or supervision. Why?” He asked getting up gathering his buckets and cleaning stuff.

“Leo said he was a paying passenger, and I said ... and I didn’t want to get in trouble... and he said he would tell you and...”She absently picked at the tape on her hand. “I just wanted to know if he were part of my job.”

Vas paused a moment taking a breath. “Leo says a lot of things but most of it is bullshit and hot air. I’m Crew Cheif he ain’t. My advice is to steer clear of ‘em. He’s bad news.” He said evenly. Vas made no effort to show his dislike of the man. Not that Vas needed to look far to invert the man's face with his fists but he was a paying passenger and was in the somewhat good graces of the powers that be … he was simply waiting for Leo to fuck up bad enough for vas to be more than justified to space the slimeball.

“I’ll try to,” the deckhand replied, chewing the inside of her cheek. “I’ll be more careful next time is all.”

“There ain’t being more careful next time. Leo bothers you, you come straight to me.” Vas said firmly. “I’ll set him straight quick.” Vas had that man’s number. If he wanted to be a nuisance he would find a way and if he was going after one of his crew … again. They were going to have to have another talk. This time a bit more seriously. “Your crew. Means my job is to keep you safe. Don’t forget that.”

“All right.” Serena agreed warily, not sure entirely who would keep her safe from guàiwù himself, “I won’t forget it.” She paused for a moment, deciding not to ask any other questions about it. “He mentioned upgrading to the stateroom, which -- I finished it tonight.”

“Well, that ain’t our department.” Vas said walking past Serena. Once he stepped he put his tools down for a moment to light up before picking it all back up to be put away. “It’s late, go get something to eat. Get some sleep. There 4 more staterooms that need your TLC.” There was always something to do on the ship and she still neede a lot of love to get back into shape. Or at least decluttered so the passenger space could be used for profit.

Serena involuntarily cringed as the crew chief walked past. “Okay,” She replied, an uneasy feeling in her stomach preventing her from having much of an appetite.

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