Working Hard

Vas was working him like a drog.

"Hwen Dan." he cursed as he lifted the last of several large tanks containing saline liquid onto the cargo bay racking. Wiping sweat from his brow he grabbed the security straps from a nearby bench and set about fixing the heavy tanks into place. He laced each strap through a hook on the racking and then attached a metal ratchet to each end to tighten the fixing.

On the last ratchet the spring snapped back and bit deeply into his palm. He cried out in pain for a moment and grasped at his injured hand with the other. Blood was welling from a deep gash beneath his thumb.

"Tzao Gao." he hissed as he brought the cut to his mouth and licked away the blood. He glanced down at the cut before the blood welled up once more, he better get it cleaned up before it got infected. Especially as his next job was to space half a barrel of drog shit.

Giving the tanks one last check he made his way to the infirmary and poked his head through the door.

"Doc you there? I sliced my hand up..."

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