Cat & Mouse Part II

JP Winters/ Blitzen

“No.” Serena shrugged. “Intense duress, I think that’s really when you see the real person. That’s what the old Captain of the Skyhook used to say. You want to see who a man really is, you gotta cut through the surface, expose the nerve.”

“And did you? Expose a nerve?” Jacy prodded. Vas, from what he had told her, was justifiably reluctant to talk too much about his past. Who would? War. Slavery. Abandonment and ultimately rejection from his own mother. She has seen his pain. Vas like any person had many facets, more the single view the pigtail girl saw. For what little she understood they had poked the bear on the Skyhook and the bear fought back. Rightly so if she understood things correctly.

“No.” Serena said, defensively, standing up, “But I saw what happened. This -- was a mistake. I was going to tell you I understood why you did what you did, but now I’m not so sure I do.”

“My Sugerbear is a fighter,” Jacy said leaning back on the couch. “And no. You don’t. You don’t know him, me or why I did what I did.” She said rather straight forward. “So maybe we’ll keep this between us? To help keep the ship harmonious? If you have questions though, now is an excellent time for answers.” She said brushing strand of platinum hair behind her ear.

“Maybe you don’t know him, or maybe you do and that’s why. But I don’t think anyone on this boat sees it. I see it. And I’m scared for you, even if you don’t know enough to be.”

“Your crew tortured him and he fought back. As would anyone given the opportunity.” Jacy said flatly. “Maybe if you bothered to get to know him more, properly … you might learn there more to him that just …” Jacy took a breath to give herself a moment to phrase it right. “...whatever it was he had to do to walk out of your ship with all his parts intact.”

“Maybe. Or maybe if you knew him more… properly, you’d be a little more worried... Thank you again for the offer of tea.” This was a mistake. A horrible, horrible mistake. She seems just as insane as him.

“I’m sure Vas had his reasons for bringing you on board from the Skyhook -” Jacy started.

“I’m sure you had your reasons for selling him to it.” Serena countered.

“I never sold him.” Jacy said standing. “That Captain of yours reneged on the deal and decided to keep him.” She said a little heat creeping into her voice. There was a flash of anger and regret in her eyes. She only had meant to waylay him, buy time to get him back on the Lunar Veil! What the Skyhook did was not what she had paid for … to was not what she asked for to be done!

“You contracted the Skyhook. You paid money to detain him, to offer him a job. The Skyhook offered him a job, and he decided to sign a contract guaranteeing employment. I was told to recruit him, I… recruited. Otherwise, he prolly wouldn’t have been a blip on the radar. The Captain wouldn’t reneg on a contract. Why didn’t you just buy ‘em back? I mean, the tall card game was pretty risky.”

Jacy shook her head. “What the Captain told you and what are agreement was are two different things. Had I known, yes, would bought him back in heartbeat … but was expecting him to return. I was waiting for him to come back here.I had no clue what was going on …” Jacy pause. “... what tall card game?”

“The Tall Card game. Captain Colton vs. Captain Richelle. That’s what brought me to this ship. They got to take a crew mate. I don’t know who it was decided it’d be me. Vas, the doctor who talks fancy. The Captain that smells like Plum Wine, I know it wasn’t the pilot, and the engineer was pretty quiet.”

“Sweet Merciful Buddha!” Jacy said running a hand through her blond hair. Clearly Vas had left out a few details and had downplayed a few key details. Though a few of those details were normal. Such as the Captain downing cheap Chinese wine. Ick. Jacy sat back down. “What a mess … “She said in a small voice.

“It was.” Serena added, moving closer to the shuttle door. “Alls well that ends well though, you have your…” She snarled her lip, and stepped towards the door, “Sugarbear. I have a room with a lock on the inside. This ship is nothing like the Skyhook.”

“No it is not. The Lunar Veil … she is special …” Jacy agreed. “ … So is her crew. All of them.”

“Must be.” Serena agreed. “If they stay on with no contracts or collars.” Serena said, matter of fact.

“You’ll see child.” Jacy assured her. Time would show her how life on the El-Vee was not life on the Skyhook.

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