OOC: A brief break in that fourth wall

Since Blitzen told us about the anniversary of Browncoats Unite, I wanted to do a brief "breaking the fourth wall" bit! I imagine some kind of camera crew interviewing Lyen Gui, like The Office. So here it goes:

“Is this thing on? It is? Okay. So my favorite moment aboard the Lunar Veil was in episode eleven after Dorian returns from his gambling-venture-gone-damsel-rescue--—classic Dorian—--and he shows up with all these gifts for the crew. Well, he leaves my favorite gift right outside the cockpit for Riley to find. She scoops it up acting all angry and perturbed about how he should know his place, but her eyes are glued to his note! After the fourth time she reads the thing she gets this look on her face and says, "Ah'm gonna check your nitrates--But don't worry, they're still cheap-uh than tha day rates!" And that sly smile! My god I could have melted right there. I ship those two SO HARD! So yes, I think there's lots of great things going on aboard the Lunar Veil, uhm, what was your question?"

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