Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word Part 2

“I don’t want you to just belive me cuz I say so … I want you to learn it yourself. I wouldn’t be fighting so hard to defend the man if he wasn’t worth it.” He pointed out. “And it ain’t ever too late with Doc. Sure you might have spoken your mind but it ain’t too late to fix it if you want to.”

“You wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, but like the mug in the kitchen. I broke it, and there ain’t no patching it up.”

“Your right I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think it was true.” Vas said with a nod. “I got there with Doc cuz it was earned and I doubt a misunderstanding won’t end things forever with him. All you gotta do is apologize to … though only if ya mean it. Mug may be broke but nothing a little glue can’t fix. Though now I have to explain why we need a new mug …” Oh, that was going to be a fun conversation with Riley. Jacy pitched a jealous fit and tossed the mug around. That’ll go over real well.

“Two.” Serena reminded him. “There were two were broken. Like me and you.” She shifted her weight to her other foot. “Now he hates me. What kinda glue fixes that?”

“Trust. You told him what happened on the Skyhook cuz you trusted him and he didn’t think less of you for it. Trust that he can forgive you. You ain’t near broke Serena, chipped and cracked but not broken.” He said leaning on the wall. Though he wished Jacy had just kept her anger between them and not at Serena he just doubted Jacy could understand. Sure what Serena had done most folk might balk but Vas had a lifetime of that. He had long flown past the moral event horizon.

“You watched out for me with Leo, and even with your Jacy, even after everything. Why?”

“Dope. Your crew, makes you my responsibility.” Vas chuckled. “Cool off, take a breather and think on it but ‘I’m sorry’ is always a good start.”

“I'll tell him, and glue things up. I mean, I’ll word it right. He likes big words. What about Jacy? Should I tell her I’m sorry too?”

“Jacy … she … ain’t as clear cut. Let her cool down and I’ll try to figure it out first. I get why she’s upset but I don’t much like her taking swipes like that.” He admitted. “She is a good person but in a way … she is really innocent. I that the might of been the first time she’s seen how dark the ‘verse can be. So maybe for now just … duck around her?” He shrugged. “Just till I can get her to come around some.”

Serena nodded. “I don’t so much mind her taking swipes at me, else how you supposed to figure out your place on the ship? But I’ll steer clear." From everyone for a while.

“Just for a spell … I think me and her need to have a longer talk about what happened. In the end though it just ain’t her place and she had come around to understand that.” Vas said pushing off the wall. “Come find me later … you and I are going to take a crack at fixing some of these stuck doors.”

“All right Crew Chief, I will. But -- after I cooled off and put some thought into it, can you come with me when I talk to Doctor Adler? Just in case?”

“No problem.” The young punk agreed before stepping out of the girl's room.

Serena wasted no time once the crew chief was out, the lock on the door was again secured, and she slunk back to her corner to let his words sink in. Her stomach still felt funny, this time, not just from the food. This was something else that sat in the pit of her belly like a rock, and she didn’t like it, not one bit. This was new, unwanted, unpleasant. This was guilt.

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