People Skills 102

Vas waved away the idea. “Pain is normal. It happens. It’s not always a bad thing … non-list related I mean. I ain’t ever had a pampered life, clearly, I guess I’m just saying, pain is part of life out here. It’s going to happen, particularly if you are trying to avoid it.”

“It’s true,” she agreed, brushing her hair back behind her ear. “But still doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why I want to help you so much. I know your life was difficult. But I’m a companion, SugarBear. It’s my job to bring comfort, which is difficult to do when you shut me out.”

"You give me plenty of comfort. Just know you here, giving me something to look forward to … hell … not being alone. That is comfort." Vas countered. "I'm sorry you feel shut out, I don't mean to and it ain't what I'm trying to do. Just …" Vas paused taking a breath. "... Jacy here so much unpleasantness in the 'verse. I just don't see why exposing you to it would help anyone."

“It would help me to understand what you’re going through. To make it so you’re not alone, to share some of your suffering and make it easier to shoulder. I don’t always go about it the right way, but you know I love you. From the minute you were brought aboard this ship. Nothing will change that, no matter what.”

“I get it Jacy I do.” Vas said pouring the steaming water from the kettle to the pot to start steeping the tea. He added a pinch of dried lavender because … reasons! Lavender made tea better! “But … folk like me and Serena. We walked in some questionable shoes … it takes time to be okay to even talk about it.”

“You can always talk to me though, Sugarbear,” Jacy replied, smoothing down the kimono she wore. “You know I won’t judge. We’ve all walked in some questionable shoes. Mine just happen to be high heels; More stylish, and sometimes a little strappy.”

Vas chuckled pour out the tea into cups. “I know and I will. Eventually.” He assured taking a seat next to her, passing a steaming cup of tea.

“Okay. I don’t want to rush you into anything you aren’t ready for. Except maybe number fourteen on the list.” She sighed, taking the cup and raising it to her lips, inhaling deeply. Lavender, one of her favorites. “I just don’t like this wall that you put up, and I know it’s not constructed specifically to keep me out, but that’s what it feels like.”

Vas sipped his own tea. “No, it’s not specifically you. I really haven’t talked about too anyone you the only one I’ve talked to the most about it. Serena … well .. she was there but there wasn’t talking involved.”

Jacy took a long sip of tea, and nodded her head before putting the delicate China cup aside. “I know you, Sugarbear. And nothing you could say could ever change my opinion of you. But I also know that if I didn’t make the first move, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So me pressing you to tell me things, it’s the same scenario. You won’t regret talking to me any more than you regret our first night together.”

Vas’s ears when a bit pink. “Yea … your right!” He said a bit embarrassed. “I just … I not good at this. Not really any good with people you know? You make it so much easier.” Vas admitted.

“You don’t have to be good with people,” Jacy replied coyly. “Just with me. And for what it’s worth? I think you have amazing people skills.” She moved to lightly scritch her nails over his back lightly in a comforting way. “And practice makes perfect. The more you talk with me, the easier it will be with others.”

“Yea but you’re not planning on much talking are you? And where probably not going to finish the tea either right?” He noted. Vas couldn’t help but arch a bit like cat when she scritched his back.

“I hope I’m not getting predictable,” She said, moving to his lap.”I thought we might break the ice first. After, you’ll know how much you can trust me. And when we’re basking in each other’s embrace, then, Sugarbear, if you want, you’ll tell me.”

“Never Jacey. The last thing I would ever call you is predictable.” The young punk promised as her lips brush against his, her fingers working the buttons on his shirt.

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