Bed Bug

“So do you have any clients lined up for New Kasmir?” Vas asked curiously finger runnign through her hair. Naked. In Jacy’s bed. Again.

Jacy made it really hard to say no. It didn’t help that she was warm, soft and inviting. That and she always smelled amazing.

“Not as of yet, which means, SugarBear, I have you all to myself . There's nothing on New Kasmir worth seeing, so…” she tiptoe-walked her fingers up his bare belly. “You and I can spend some quality time in my shuttle.”

Vas chuckled. “Well I have plenty to do when we touch down. Got the delivery and stacking up any receivables. Restocking … oh and that widow it’s her destination so I’ll probably be helping to unload her too. Not including any other passenger Captain or Lieutenant rustle up.” He reminded. “But if get it all done and I get a day … Yea … I’m all yours.” He said smiling impishly.

“Don’t you have deckhands for all that?” She asked tracing along his collarbone. “What’s the point of being in charge if you have to do all the heavy lifting?”

“Cuz they’re all green and all under hundred pounds. I’m working Gill up but in the end, all my deckhands are kids. Only so much they can do.” Vas sighed. He didn’t mind really and even so they were far from lazy. “I have delegate stuff they can actually handle. Also, the Drogs are a high ticket animal so it’s got to be done right the first time.”

Jacy scrunched up her face, and rolled her eyes, planting kisses along Vas’ jawline. “Then I hope you hire someone competent in New Kasmir. I hear Selena’s good at recruiting.” Ever so gently she kissed the tip of his nose before spinning her feet off the bed. “I need to shower, Sugar Bear, and you… “ She bit her bottom lip for emphasis “Need to be ready for round… what are we on?”

“Har har … Serena … recruiting …” He said dryly. “ … Round - I lost track. Wait you going to shower only to - you know what, never mind I am not going to question it.” Vas said watching as Jacy sashayed to her private shower.

“It’s nice to be appreciated,” Jacy replied. “The mechanic was here earlier, I thought I was losing my touch. She avoided me like I had the pox.”

“Scaring my mechanic? Tsk.” Vas was wise to how Jacy liked to play games like that. “What was she doing in the shuttle? Though the grumpy mechanic that left gave it a spit shine before he left?” Vas said stretching.

“Something about making sure it was flight worthy. I don’t know. She said everything checked out with her diagnostics. She wasn’t the slightest interested in checking mine.”

“You were in your thong, weren’t you? You know you shouldn’t mess so much with people like that. I know you get bored but these are folk you have to live with.” Vas snarked. But the comment did plant a seed. Marisol was on his radar or suspects and Jacy did see a variety of people. Many who could be powerful or of influence. He thought he was being paranoid but was that a bad thing.

“Are you saying that I should be ashamed of my body?” Jacy huffed above the sounds of running water. “These are folk I have to live with, I’m expected to bare my soul, but not my body?”

“No everyone is used to that. If that how you feel you need to ease folk into it.” Vas advised. When he was sure he heard the water running Vas padded quietly to the control panel. Just be safe. Fingers ran along the nooks and crannies under the control console. It did take much to feel that all to familiar but out of place bump he had been finding all around the ship.

~Gorramit. Here too?!?~ Vas thought peeved. This was insane! Why? The punk took an annoyed break. He was going to find out and soon.

Damn it.

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