Worth a thousand words, Part 1

Serena peeked around the corner when she heard the whistling. Leo was in a favorable mood, seemed he was a lot lately, and for the most part, he’d stopped trying to corner her in the shower, which she was grateful for. He had managed the night before to corner her about changing out the sheets and taking care of his room, but it was less unnerving when he was fully clothed. Such wasn’t the case when she peered around the wall to see his bare backside, but the towel around his neck suggested he’d be out of his room for at least long enough for her to take care of his request.

Sheets were first, and just as gross as she’d imagined, or rather, tried to keep from imagining. The older man had made it well known that he liked to sleep, as he said, in the buff. She tore them off post-haste, replacing them with a clean set, the bed made and if she’d had a coin, she was sure she could bounce it off them. Leo often said the same thing about his ass, which was one of his favorite subjects to bring up it seemed because he always found a reason to do so.

The floor was hastily swept, being a small cabin at least that didn’t take long, but the dresser was a mess, littered with half filled mugs of coffee and what looked like photographs. She straightened out the pictures, smiling at how pretty Jacy looked in one, how the nun’s eyes shined in another. Her eyes lingered on one of Gil perhaps a moment too long. There were several, more than she could count of the Crew Chief, a few of the Lieutenant, which - she realized - was probably the most she’d seen of the Lieutenant, and even a couple of the Captain with and without his hat. Moving that aside, she found one of herself, giving her pause. The teen picked up the photo of her in a pair of Marisol’s coveralls, tied at the waist, wearing a tank top just like the engineer. After scrutinizing it for longer than intended - wishing her hair was prettier like Lyen or Jacy’s, she went to add it back to the pile. A second photo of herself caught her eye, but as she went to move the half drank cup of coffee off of it, a second cup spilled over right onto one of the photos.

“Tā mā de,” She swore, looking for something to mop it up with. Finding her dust cloth she mopped up the liquid, but it didn’t help the picture any. She scooped the coffee mugs into the mop bucket, and taking the wet photo hastily left the room before he returned.

She tossed his sheets in the laundry - adding extra bleach, enough to slightly burn her nose and make her eyes water as much as the onions, she set the photo down on the ironing board, surveying the damage. The people were still easy enough to make out. That was definitely the engineer and Mistuh Doctah Adluh, outside the ship. She used a clean towel and a little water to try and blot out the stain in the upper left hand corner, but all she was managing to do was tear a small hole in the photo. “Tā mā de!” She swore louder, angry at her own carelessness. “Maybe he won’t miss it.”

It was about then a giant ball of fur bounded into the laundry room his tail swinging around wildly and a giant tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. He loudly sniffed around diving into a pile of dirty sheets and clothes chuffing. He noted Serena and immediately threw himself on his back clearly demanding belly rubs.

“Come on Number Six! Go!” she said with a shooing motion, trying to pull the sheet from under him. She did hastily scratch his belly, because no one can resist the power of a fuzzy drog in need of a little tummy time. “Good boy, good boy but go!”

The drog groaned and foot kicking as the girl scratched his belly. He didn’t move but gave off a bit of a whine when she stopped. Yes, he was spoiled rotten so when she didn’t continue his whine slowly started to elevate to little barks to get her attention. Clearly, she wasn’t listening to his needs at the moment and he had a belly that needed copious amounts of rubbing!

The drog was pulling out all the stops. Any other time she’d have been happy to comply with the pup’s pestering, his cuteness defied all laws after all, but she had a problem to solve. If the photo couldn’t be salvaged and returned, it’d have to be destroyed, maybe he’d just think he misplaced it. “I should have thrown it in the wash with the sheets, shouldn’t I have, Six?” She asked in the voice specifically reserved for when talking to abundantly adorable animals. “Next batch. We should get you back though, ‘fore Gil gets in trouble for you gettin’ loose. Come on.” She stood up and patted her thighs. “Who’s a good boy? Want a goodie?”

Six didn’t move in spite of his tail making loud thumping noises. He did twist about to look at Serena going full roach. Just in case the goodie was more belly rubs. Six had a single-track mind and it alternated between food and belly rubs.

“Dopey drog!” She giggled, dropping back down beside him. “I tried to warn you. Gill’s gonna be mad at you.” She scratched his chest until both the dog’s hind legs paddled in circles like he was riding a bicycle. “I hope it’s worth it! You know what happens in the cargo bay, don’tcha? C’mon. You had enough.” She slipped her hand under the drog’s collar and tried to coax him to his feet.

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