Worth a thousand words, Part 2

Six panted happily and only moved slightly as Serna dragged him. He thought of this as some cute game and decided to soak her hand with enthusiastic licking.

There was a pounding of familiar boots coming closer.

The footsteps were too heavy to be Gill’s, the boots he wore scuffed along the floor, meaning one thing. “Ruttin’ drog!” Serena told him, hastily climbing to her feet, swiping the photo from the ironing board. “Get!”

“Nǐ zài nǎlǐ, nǐ de pímáo yùndòng qiú (Where are you, you sneaky ball of animated fur). Six! I know you escaped!” Vas huffed.

Six scrambled to his feet and tried to bury himself in the laundry. He succeeded in covering his front have but his rear and wildly swinging tail where exposed. His dog logic apparently deemed that if he couldn’t see Vas … Vas couldn’t see him.

“Go!” Serena commanded, trying to dig the dog out, His giant tail and force of wagging it near knocked the girl off her feet. She shoved the photo into the pile of laundry and once again grabbed the collar of the drog who was now trying to shove himself completely into one of the laundry baskets. “You’re just going to make it harder on yourself,” she warned out of rote memory.

Vas watched from the doorway of the laundry room unimpressed. “Your such cream puff.” He accused Serena. “I see you Six … we ALL see you …” He added dryly to the dog.

Serena stood up post haste, knocking her head against the bottom of the ironing board, the iron falling to the floor, luckily missing both her and the drog. “Sorry, Crew Chief, I mean, Vas. He doesn’t want to budge! I did warn you.” She told the pup with a shake of her head, rubbing the spot where she bumped.

Six continued with the charade making little Woo woo noises clearly ready to burst with excitement.

“Gill is getting Dinner re-” Vas didn’t finish his sentence. He said the “D” word.

Six perked and struggled to detangle himself from the bed sheet, failing at that he slipped and stumbled his way to the door dragging the sheet on him like a furry ghost, crashing and knocking anything in his way over.

Vas put a firm boot on the sheet as the dog stumbled on by as Six ran to the cargo bay before he missed out on food!

“Well … that resolved itself.” Vas said rather proudly.

“Now I know for the future how to get him to go on home.” Serena replied, keeping her eyes from the crew chief’s as she retrieved the sheet. Tangled in one of the corners, the photograph she was trying to fix floated back and forth, gently to the ground.

The girl’s face went ashen as it landed by her foot, swinging panicked, apologetic eyes to the crew chief. “It was an accident - I didn’t steal it, I tried to fix it!” She explained, scooping the photograph up. “But I couldn’t, it just made it worse. There were just so many pictures, I didn’t think just one would be missed.” She clutched the photo in her gloved hand, her other raised slightly for protection.

Vas only looked mildly put out by the news. “Who does it belong to?” He said plucking the photo from Serena to check out the damage. The photo was still damp and slightly discolored from whatever spilled onto it.

Serena listened carefully to the crew chief’s question. “Leo,” she replied in a cautious voice. “I think it belongs to Leo, because it was in his room.”

“Gross … and you touched the bedsheets? Damn girl, you are BRAVE!” Vas snarked.

“I wore gloves.” She pointed to the trash can. “He said he sleeps in the buff, and I’m near certain that means naked.”

“Ugh things I did NOT not need to know and now need a hot poker to burn out my ears with. No biggie I’m sure he won’t even notice and if he doesn’t no will care besides … “ He said looking at the photo pausing.

“It’s a shame, on account of it was a nice photo of Marisol,” She said, picking the rest of the laundry and the iron up off the floor, scooping it all into one of the baskets.

Vas was only half listening as he stared at the photo puzzled.

“I near didn’t recognize her in fancy clothes, not coveralls, I mean.”

“Uh … Yea … so … you know don’t worry about it kay? Leo sniffs around play dumb or send him my way shiny?” Vas said folding up the evidence.

“Shiny.” She replied, visibly relieved. “I try to avoid him mostly, but if he asks any, I can play dumb or send ‘em to you.”

“Atta Girl … I got some other stuff to wrap up. Oh! If you get a moment if you could see if the widow needs new bedsheets that would be great.” Vas said with a wave distracted.

‘I’ll… I ‘ll go take care of that now. I got a bunch just about done in the dryer. No one disgusting used ‘em.” She paused for a second, tilting her head.”Is… everything okay?”

“Hm?” Vas said snapping out of whatever was running through his mohawked head. “Yea yea … it’s all good.” He said sauntering off. “Lemee know if you need help folding later.”

“O… kay,” she replied warily, listening until his boots steps faded from earshot, letting out the breath she was holding. “Shiny.”

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