Look What I Found

Vas walked to the cockpit while staring intently at the coffee stained photo. Marisol on Santo … outside the ship…. Normally vas would shrugged it off but with the recent discovery of the bug this made their new engineer suspect. She was going to have some serious explaining to do … after he talked to Riley about it.

Giving the gravity of the situation it was only right to defer to her as to what to do with this new discovery. Maybe he was being overly paranoid but somehow he seriously doubted that.

He sighed walking up to the cockpit entrance and knocked.

“One visit was more than enough, Adl… Oh.” Riley let the sentence hang as she opened the door to the cockpit. Her voice was flat and even toned as she quirked an eyebrow. “What is it, Jat?”

Vas raised a curioses eyebrow but let the questions die where they were. He liked his testical where they were.”Uhh yea …” He said shutting the door. ‘I know I said I was going to clean up the ‘bed bugs’ when we landed but Serena was cleaning out Leo’s room, knocked over what I can only assume was coffee on some of his photos and tried to clean this up … though you might be interested in it.” Vas said holding it out for Riley.

“What am I looking at….” Riley asked, “Chavez, street clothes, The coffee stain slightly looks like the Captain…. Impressive.” She shoved the photo back towards Vas.

Vas blinked. To him this was clear as day how could she not see it! “What? Well … I guess it dos- I mean! No LOOK at the photo!” He held it out and pointed. “This was taken before Ezra. “ Riley shot him an incredulous look, and Vas let out an exasperated sigh. “Look,” the punk said. “Ezra everything was covered in dirt and dust, there weren’t no tarmac. And see how grey the sky is? Weren’t anything but sunny weather in Valentine, and by then Doc was beat up, but he’s absolutely fine in this picture, which means this was taken on Persephone or Santos but we picked up Doc on Persephone so that leaves Santos. Also that puts this long before she joined up the ship as a mechanic.”

” Vas explained feeling like she was testing him. She was right? Had to be.

“Normally I agree I wouldn’t think twice … girl might of had her own reason for seeing the Doc and then getting hired on the same ship on a different planet. Might raise an eyebrow but stranger things have happened. But we got bugs … not the shit ones either. So call me paranoid but this makes me paranoid.” He said crossing his arms. “Also this proves Leo is a gorram creeper. Yúchǔn de jìnǚ gǒu(Stupid whore dog)”

Riley rubbed the back of her neck, taking a closer look at the picture. “Adler… would have said something if he was suspicious though. I mean, yeah, it’s… unusual. She sees a shipboard dentist and then shows up on the same planet when we just happen to need an engineer, but … Have you asked Adler?”

“If I remember right Doc saw a lot of folks that day and more when he went to the local cathouse. I wouldn’t expect him to remember and cleary he didn’t … he would have said something by now right? But he clearly met her one on one. There ain’t no telling what they talked about but I do know Doc would have said something but what if … he can't? If she is the one bugging this ship maybe she’s got something on him? I honestly haven't gotten that chance to talk to him about it yet but there ain’t alotta places to talk without being heard. If the mechanic IS listening in … well … she IS the mechanic.” Vas said pointing out the flaw in that logic. Short of the cockpit and a few of the rooms all the common areas where bugged and subtly trying to lure the Doc to a private area where there weren't bugs would prove to be a hilariously difficult task. He was a Ex-Assassin turned Deckhand not a spy! Sure he knew some counter - spy tactics but he wasn’t running solo on this.

Riley drummed her fingers against the back of the pilot’s chair. “All right. I want the mechanic’s room searched, before we land and she has the chance to get rid of any evidence, and I want the engine room searched for the same reason. On the down low. Don’t… don’t say anything to Adler yet, just in case.” In case what, she wasn’t sure. “And search Hen-Leo’s room, if we have some sort of pervert on board I’d like to know so I can break a few fingers and send him off on his ass when we land.”

“I can make that work … I’ll have to wait for the night shift when most of the crew are asleep to slip into the engine room. But I can do it.” He assured Riley. “The bigger question is … why? What is she or anyone be trying to pick up? The crew is as rag tag as you get. Don’t even gossip much.” Vas said admitting his confusion over the whole affair.

“That, Jat, is an excellent question.” There could be dozens of reasons, but only two came to the pilot’s mind. Either she worked with the people the Captain oughta know to stay away from by now, or…. Chavez didn’t seem the unhinged type. She actually seemed more hinged then… well, any of them. “Find out what you can, eyes and ears open, Report back to me as soon as you’ve searched both rooms. If I have to delay the landing, I’ll find reason, but Jat I want the culprit found before we land, clear?”

“Yes Lieutenant.” Vas said with an obedient nod. How the hell did this turn into a mole hunt!

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