The Lion's Den: You're on My Bridge.

“... unbelievably embarrassing! You would think he knows me better by now …” Vas grumbled whipping around to Serena. “I don’t OWN a camera! How could he THINK that of me!” He whip back not waiting for an answer before stopping short and whipping back to Serena. “Do I come across as a creeper?” He asked the poor pigtailed girl.

“Sometimes, but only because I can’t hear you coming. That’s why I like when you wear your boots.” She replied, rocking back and forth on her heels. “But not a shower creeper,” she was quick to add.

“So … I creep you out when you can’t hear me coming but I’m not LEO creepy?” Vas asked looking for clarification.

“Yes, more like, you’re sneaky, but not on purpose.” Serena replied. “Leo thinks everyone wants to see ‘em naked, he’s creepy in a make-your-skin crawl kind of way.”

Vas whip back around satisfied he was nothing Leo as he all but stomped his way to the cockpit. “How could Captain … ANYONE think I’m anything like that dirty man-slut!” Vas said knocking irritable on the door frame. After all one did not just walk into the cockpit without warning

“Did you want an answer, Crew Chief?” Serena asked tentatively, but was saved by a gruff “This better be good.” From the other side of the door.

“Delivery.” Vas said waving for Serena to pass him the lewd photos as he cracked the door open.

Serena passed the photos over to the Crew Chief, craning her neck to peer around him into the cockpit.

“More pictures?” The pilot asked, waving him in. “Why is there someone else on my bridge?”

“To assure EVERYONE I am not a creepy sumbitch taking photos of people in the gorram shower!” Vas huffed pink eared. The poor punk clear his throat. “Lieutenant.”

“What kind of ruttin’ fool would think that?” Riley asked, snarling her lip.

“The Captain,” Serena and Vas replied at the same time. Riley quirked an eyebrow, and held out her hand for the photos.

“For Rut’s sake, you can’t even say the word sex without blushing like a school girl. No offense.” She half turned around, “to either of you. And do you even own a camera?” She paused when she found one of the photographs violated her own privacy, and slammed the stack on the dash, face down.

Vas made a face as it was clear she was about to go aggro on Leo’s ass. He quickly shooed Serena out, for her safety. “Wait here.” He whispered closing the door. Trapping him with a Lieutenant dancing at the edge of an epic rampage. “Lieutenant … I get you wana handle this and handle it now but we still have a mole and that needs to come first.” He said reasoning with her.
“Leo’s little peepshow should wait till after we land and you can lean a dent in the shape of your boot in his ass then. But for now this rules him out and I still have Marisols room and engine room to search. You pop your top and it compromises the mole hunt.” He explained in all honestly.

“Three things, Crew Chief.” The pilot said, swinging icy blue eyes in the punk’s direction. “One, you don’t tell me when I can or cannot pop my top. I went to the Gorram academy, and am more than capable of maintaining my bearing, understood? Second, I want him moved. Now. State room with a private shower. If one isn’t cleaned out - you will clean it out and make this happen tonight. The shower room is now crew only. Any personnel not crew caught using it is subject to being spaced.” She didn’t wait for a response. “And three, get on the ruttin’ search of the Engineer’s rooms, unless you’re waiting for an engraved invitation. That takes priority.’

“We are going to have to revisit the second statement at a later date but let me hop to everything else. I’ll report in when I’m done or if I find something.” The punk said quickly escaping before Riley could say anything else. Thankfully she wasn’t they throw stuff around type but damns she had a glare to her. He shut the door quickly find himself standing next to Serena.

“Okay Pigtails, we got orders.” Vas said letting out a long breath.

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