How well do you know this engineer?

Vas had his orders. Riley wanted answers and she wanted them now. She made it clear to find out if Marisol was the culprit or not in regards to the bugs on the ship and honestly it wasn’t looking good. “Well … try to make this quick.” He said with a sigh to Serena.

Vas opened the top drawer and reeled back. “What is it with women having so many underwears!” With all the creepy Leo digging, Vas was feeling particularly sensitive regarding lacy undergarments. “Uhhh you know what Serena why don’t you rummage through this drawer here?” He said motioning her to work quickly and went to look at something else not …

“What am I looking for?” She asked, raising both eyebrows.

“Anything that looks out of the ordinary. If it’s weird or you don’t know what it is you let me know while I dig around here.” He answered opening the inbuilt closet. It honestly was more like a cubby but so far it was all standard fair. Clothing, guns, photos … nothing screaming ‘I am a spy listening in about that so and so problem ya need a cream for’.

It bugged him sideways that she might be dragging the poor Doc along too. She obviously had something on him it was the only thing that made sense. Vas doubted he had pegged Doc wrong too so was sure they were going to find something.

Man, he really wished it had been Leo. “Anything?” Vas asked coming up dry after his search.

“No, just a drawer fulla bra’s an’ panties, nothing like Jacy’s room, or Leo’s room if you’re looking for out of the ordinary underclothes--”

“GAH! NO not different underwear! Just … we are not looking for weird underwear.” Vas said averting his eyes just in case Serena was holding them out for display. “Okay just put it back neatly and we can head to engineering.” He said escaping to the hallway.

Serena shrugged, putting everything in just as neatly. “I can’t wait an’ see what we’re looking for there.” She said with a giggle, a skip in her step as she followed the crew chief.

“Well, I am actually hoping to be grossly wrong about this.” Vas admitted. The idea someone was spying on the crew will still be calling each other friend (Or co-worker the point was they were crew!) was a hurtful betrayal to him. He really did hope he was wrong.

As ambled his way to the engine room which at the moment was thankfully empty. No awkward confrontations yet. Good.

“Arrite pigtails. Same drill different space. If you think it looks weird or out of place and it ain’t lacy underwear let me know.” He said opening the tool closet.

Serena looked around, curling up one corner of her lip. It was an engine room. Everything looked weird and out of place, but she also wasn’t going to question the crew chief. She followed his lead, looking under countertops and flat surfaces.

There was plenty to look through, boxes, parts and tool kits with plenty of nooks and crannies that needed to be checked.

Vas was elbow deep behind the work desk. He has heard something fall over when he bumped into it … no stone unturned right? He saw an object in the shadow but due to how awkward it had fallen he had to nudge the work desk a but to get a firm grip on it.

“Well … shit … found it.” Vass said tightlipped looking over the little black square. It looked like a small radio with a variety of buttons and dials. It was pretty hard to mistake for anything else.

Serena peeked over his shoulder. “Oh! … What is it?”

“Not good is what …” Vas said turning it over. He clicked it on as it made nothing but static noise. Vas clicked on of the button and the unmistakable voice of Doc could be heard humming a earth that was song alongside with the sounds of typing.

Vas click another button and Jacy could be heard going about her business brushing her hair with meticulous care.

The punked huffed. “Now we tell the Lieutenant.”

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