Authors note

The game takes place in Tokyo and the title is due to my Arachnophobia. As such, you have one massive spider stalking you and legions of dog sized ones as well. There is also nuclear fallout to worry about. Escaping the area before finding a hazmat suit leads to death. Not die and respawn, Permanent (if you die in the building you can be revived). However, if you manage to find one early, check the suit for any damage. Even small tears are lethal once you leave.

Aside for the windows, the game is meant to be envisioned as a dark yet high tech prison, try to imagine your characters having trouble navigating the building.
Elevators will work, provided you restore the power. Don't enter the power room without a gun, It's waiting in the vents. Don't expect mercy, as the GM, if I say you die, you die. Don't be a glory hound and blaze on ahead. No bug spray does not work. All guns start with 50 ammo or a silencer, never both. you must specify which. GM gets both

Have fun