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Summary: Leader of the Silver Hand

Elliot Gray

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Gender: Male

Age: 46

Group: Silver Hand Gang


American, from Virginia

Place of Residence

Silver Hand Camp

Physical Appearance

A rough, black coat with gray pants. Wears black gloves and wears a bowler hat. He has a dark, messy beard.


Colt revolver
Winchester rifle


Leader of the Silver Hand gang


Was born and raised in Virginia, however his mother got sick and died when he was young. Following her death, Elliot's father decided to move to California with his brother. While on their way, in Utah, his father and brother were captured and killed by outlaws and Elliot was left alone.

Being alone for a few weeks, he was found by Ryan Galloway, the leader of the Silver Hand Gang. He was raised into crime, where he soon became the leader after Ryan was captured by lawmen and was hung.


The Red Snake

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Image of Elliot Gray
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