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Summary: Sheriff of Silverado

Alvin O'Connor

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Federal Agents/Local Police


Son of British immigrants

Place of Residence

Sheriff of Silverado

Physical Appearance

A younger man, cleanly shaven, wears police uniform. Rides on a white horse, therefore he's sometimes referred to as the "White Stallion." He's a nice looking person.


Colt .45
Picture of his wife, son


Sheriff of Silverado, Nevada


Was born in New York City, New York. His father hoped for something more exciting in America and decided to head west, praying for a break. They only managed to make it to Fort Caspar, where his father found work on a local ranch. They lived there until his father was robbed by outlaws.

Alvin, fueled by revenge, set out to find the criminals and move away from his parents, where he found them in the Silverado saloon. He brought justice upon them, and got the liking of the then-sheriff James Heath. He became an officer soon after.

Ten years later he's the sheriff, trying to bring justice to the wild and untamed west.


The White Stallion

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Image of Alvin O'Connor
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