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Summary: Do you want me to remove the bullet or bless it?

Benjamin Levi Lowery

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Citizens/NPC's


American - German decent

Place of Residence

Ben resides in a small parsonage which also functions as the towns doctor's office.

Physical Appearance

Ben is a middle aged man who's hair is graying and he has a long beard. He has the build of a boxer plus a few pounds that have come with age. He has wire rim glasses that he uses to read.

Like most preachers he dresses in black.

He wears soft leather boots.


Ben has:
A rifle
two six guns
a hunting knife

A Medical library
surgical tools and medical supplies
Glassware for making and mixing some medicines.
A Bible
single horse buggy with lanterns.


Dr. Benjamin Lowery - Preacher, doctor, vetrinarian


As a young man Ben wanted to be a doctor. He trained in one of the best schools in the east coast. With the migration west and the Indian wars, Ben was conscripted into the army as a surgeon and served a tour in the plains. He met and befriended one of the “savages” and fell in love with his daughter. This meant that he would not be heading back east, instead he headed west to establish his practice with his wife, who is about 20 years younger than him.

He was trained to shoot in the army, but this is not his first inclination.



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Image of Benjamin Levi Lowery
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