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Summary: Native girl, trying to fit in.

Namid Lowery

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Citizens/NPC's


Chipewa (I think - need to read more history)..

Place of Residence

With Ben Lowery

Physical Appearance

Namid is 5' 8" tall about 130 lbs. She has long braided hair. She wears a mix of native and western dress depending on where she is going.


She carries a knife in her boot
and a hunting knife.

She does know Bowery and Fletcher, how to tan hides, sew, and cook. She knows some herbal and homeopathic remedies.


Wife, nurse...


This was a love at first sight for her. She knew that she was going to be Ben's wife long before he knew who she was. She was the one who made the connection between her father and Ben.
Ben, was interested in the medical knowledge that the natives had. He was also one of the few men that treated the Indians like they were people instead of animals. She also liked seeing him on his horse wearing his wool army jacket with his rank and metals and his hat. She still makes him wear it when the weather is bad or to official functions.

Ben saved her and her family by marrying her. He was honorably discharged by his commanding officer. That is when they moved westward.

Ben has been teaching her to read, and she knows more English than she lets on too. She has been teaching Ben her language as well.


Ben calls her "Star" or "Dancing star"

Other people have other nicknames they use.

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Image of Namid Lowery
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