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Summary: Leader of the Starr Gang

Raymond Starr

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Gender: Male

Age: 67

Group: Starr Gang


American, born in northern Nevada

Place of Residence

The Starr gang's camp

Physical Appearance

He's an old man with an even older look about him. He has many scars and is very intimidating and is the most experienced man in Sundance.


Two revolvers in a double holster
A picture of Elliot Gray, leader of Silver Hand


Leader of the Starr Gang


Born in northern Nevada in 1817, Raymond worked with his father in killing lone travelers and stealing from wagon trains. At the age of 47 he decided to go into the Union Army to fight the Confederacy. He hoped he could sneak into the South and steal from wealthy plantations. He got many battle wounds and formed together a group of soldiers who went on to form the Starr Gang.

Following the war, they fled to Louisiana in search of more riches, and they struggled to avoid Confederate bounty hunters and former soldiers who were hunting them down. He fell in love with a woman in Sundance, and a few years after they got married, a former plantation owner tracked him down and killed his wife and many of the gang members.

Raymond and a few surviving gangmates escaped to Nevada, where the Starr gang continued to wreak havoc and disorder. Although worn down and scarred from the many afflictions he's faced, he continues to dominate.


The Old Dog

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Image of Raymond Starr
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