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Summary: A neutral business is a profitable business

Jack Wagner

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Citizens/NPC's


Mix between Scottish and German

Place of Residence

The Parasol which is a saloon and brothel in Silverado.

Physical Appearance

About 6' and 250 lbs. Big build with strong hands and arms. Black hair and green eyes. He is cleanly shaven on his chin and sideburns


Winchester Model 1873 .44-40 Winchester
Pair of Colt Frontier revolvers .44-40 Winchester Caliber.
One Colt Derringer hidden on himself at all times.
Many suits and changes of clothes


Owner Parasol Saloon


Jack was the son of a restraunt owner back in Philadelphia. He was always in the restraunt learning what he can about the business so someday he could open his own. While growning up, he also fell into the wrong crowd and had been arrested a couple times for petty theft, assault during his teenage years. Due to these activities, his family disowned him well, he didn't take that lightly.
One night he snuck into the restraunt, took the weeks intake and then set fire to the building. He left town and never looked back. Due to a lack of evidence and th efact his father didn't think he had a key to the cash room, no charges were ever brought but, his family still believes his guilt.
Jack took that money, went west and soon landed in Silverado. He purchased the Parasol from an old coot who didn't know how to really run a business and turned the place around wiht good food and service. He has two body guards that help to maintain order with shotguns, his bar keeps are armed and Jack is never without at least his sidearms.


Pittsburgh Punch
Cool Hand Jack

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Image of Jack Wagner
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