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Summary: The rugged blacksmith grabbed the shotgun from under his bar, warning the two fighting to get out.

Cody Franks

Gender: M

Age: 29

Group: Bounty Hunters



Place of Residence

Silverado - he lives in a small home he built next to the smithy. On the road now.

Physical Appearance

5’10” Dirty Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Slender and toned, with above average physical strength.


1862 Model Whinchester
Colt six shooter

Horse: Ol’ Paint


Partner to Mattie Hicks as Bounty Hunters


Cody Franks rode into town and established the smithy with cold hard cash. No one knows much about him, nor where he got the money to start the business.

In truth, both his parents’ were shot and killed in a bank holdup when Cody was 11 years old. He was adopted by a local family and became his adoptive father’s apprentice in blacksmithing.

As he grew into maturity, he hunted the two bank robbers, killed them and found their stash. With the money, he made his move to Silverado as a means to start over.

Since he met Mattie Hicks, he has fallen in love. He became her partner in Bounty Hunting and soon will marry his love.

At the current time, Cody is in jail at Silverado, framed for a murder of a member of the Red Arrow Gang.



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Image of Cody Franks
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