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Bart Starr

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Gender: M

Age: 40

Group: Starr Gang



Place of Residence

Starr Hideout

Physical Appearance

Deceiving looks, as people believe him to be one of the good guys.


2 Colt Army revolvers in a double holster belt.
1 Winchester model 1873 rifle
1 Bowie knife in sheath strapped to the inside of his left ankle


Raymond Starr’s son.


Bart served the Union Cavalry at the end of the Civil War. He continued serving in the Dakotas until he was discharged for fighting his commanding officer. It was a blessing in disguise because he was not at Little Bighorn.

Bart began traveling southwest after his discharge, wreaking havoc wherever he was. From robbing trains, stagecoaches, and banks, Bart was able to live comfortable.

Receiving word of his mother’s death, Bart rode to be by Raymond’s side at the funeral. He remained with his father, earning his respect. Now, he serves his father’s interests, spying out the people and towns around the area. Bart also uses his good guy image to get close to the Starr enemies before killing them.


Black Bart
Black Rider

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Image of Bart Starr
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