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Summary: No man had ever touched her, her brother saw to that.

Isobel Gonzalez

Gender: F

Age: 21

Group: Citizens/NPC's



Place of Residence

Silverado Church

Physical Appearance

Mexican features, very attractive


Knife in personal belongings.


Manny’s sister


Only surviving member of the Gonzalez family besides her brother. She did cook for the Silver Hand Gang.

When her brother saw the gang falling apart, he took her to town to be cared for by Sister Eleanor, whom he showed kindness to when the Hand had taken her hostage in the church. She is heavily protected by Manuel Gonzalez, her only living family.

Isobel is currently staying in John Paroll’s home, while he is on the venture to bring Bart Starr back to Silverado for trial. Paroll offered this to her to help Isobel back to her feet.



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Image of Isobel Gonzalez
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