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Summary: Looking for home.

Marley Alistare

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Starr Gang



Place of Residence


Physical Appearance

She is beautiful
Well built
Blue eyes
Long dark hair down her back.


Locket with a photo of her mother

Letter from her mother.

A small revolver on her hip

Dagger on the strapped to her thigh


NA.. ...


She lived a relatively comfortable life with her mother father and older brother. Her father got sick and died leaving her alone with her mother and older brother when her mother started getting over it she wrote a letter to an old friend of hers and sent her with her older brother to find her.

When they were almost there they stopped off in a small town what her brother was shot down in the street after cheating at a card game.

Now she is looking for her mother's friend alone.


Lil’ Missy
Little Lynx

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Image of Marley Alistare
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