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Summary: Sheriff of West Chester

Pedro Rowell

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Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Federal Agents/Local Police



Place of Residence

West Chester

Physical Appearance

Typical police uniform, hat
Dirty boots
One eye scarred closed
Dark, neck-long hair


Rifle repeater
A bottle of whiskey


Sheriff of West Chester


Born in Mexico, his parents fled to America after they were chased out by members of a deadly cult. They settled in Nevada, and during the American Civil War they laid the ground work for what would become West Chester. They soon battled Native Americans in the area, and when settlers came along, they became leaders of the newly formed, large town.

Pedro became a police officer alongside his brother, where they became in charge of dispatching of a local cult, bringing back memories of what had driven them out of Mexico. While invading the hub, Pedro's brother was killed, and Pedro himself was captured.

He wa tortured, and his eye was gouged out by the cult as a symbol for their cruelty. He eventually escaped, and he became the coldest officer in all of Sundance, sometimes going outside of the law to get things done. He became sheriff after the other died in a conflict to bring down the Starr Gang.


One-Eyed Rowell
The Silent One

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Image of Pedro Rowell
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