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Summary: Saviour Billy at your *hic* service

Billy Fletcher

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Deceased Characters



Place of Residence


Physical Appearance

Billy is an average man who just his the 6” mark. He has thin brown hair which he mostly hides under his hat and grey-green eyes.


A flask that’s somehow always full, hanging off his belt.

A collection of wanted posters in his bag.

A pocket pistol which he easily hides in his boot alongside a couple of coins.


Unstoppable, jobless drinker.


In 1878 Billy went through a terrible time in his life. His parents—who were his main source of income— died suddenly. He ran out of money quickly and couldn’t even buy a drink at the tavern to still his evergrowing depression of having no money in his pockets.

In 1882 he finally found a way to earn some money when he handed in a criminal who he’d seen on a wanted poster a couple days earlier. With the reward money he bought himself his pistol and went off onto an obsessive trip to hand in anyone he sees on wanted posters to collect the reward with open arms.

Nowadays when he’s not looking for criminals, he can be found at the closest bar.


Billy-bill— the Bartenders nickname for him that he came up with as he was intoxicated.

Saviour Bill— his own nickname for himself

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Image of Billy Fletcher
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