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Summary: A puzzling person to encounter and definitely not the man he was, whoever that may have been.

Arsenio Abril

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Bounty Hunters


Spanish-Portuguese Blood

Place of Residence

Anywhere he can get some sleep

Physical Appearance

Shoulder-length black hair, some greying streaks
6'' with a heavily muscular build
Hazel eyes
Scruffy facial hair
Scarred left eyebrow/cheek


Leather Satchel
Stolen Box of Cigars
Colt Peacemaker Revolver
Hunting Knife


Arsenio doesn't call himself a bounty hunter but is fine with being called so. He is on fairly good terms with the law as he usually does jobs for them when needed. But he doesn't do this often now as he is busy with other work (see History) but is capable of doing so. Money is not a prime concern but experience is.


Arsenio remembers only part of his life and it just so happened to be the one without his family and childhood. He was a prisoner in Africa for reasons unknown to him. Almost a year and a half after his initial imprisonment he is "bought" out by an old American explorer named Sullivan Kross after he sees the conditions(manual labor, torture, etc,) Artie has endured, knowing him to be a strong-willed subject who could hold his own when trekking on adventures and expeditions like researching animals in the Dakotas or mining and identifying minerals and rocks in the West. Good defense. Able body, somewhat stable mind. Kross and Abril always travel together unless under special circumstances.

You hardly see any riders like him and for good reason. Arsenio's body had been pushed to his limits; manual labor and exercising to keep his sanity within a cell formed his body into the fit, muscular form that read him as an intimidating brute to most onlookers, but it worked just fine for travelling the States and beyond for experiences with Kross and so on. They stick together. Artie was brutally beaten and put to the test to the point of suffering a blow to the head resulting in an injury that gave him amnesia which seems permanent. Bits and pieces come together here and there but nothing important.

Arsenio isn't the most talkative subject and even when he is, harsh comments, dark/light humor, or even blatant sarcasm might be all you get out of him with a touch of Spaniard accent. He doesn't seem like a friendly fella. A couple of drinks in and you'll still get nothing else. Some mistake this for lack of intelligence which may or may not be true. He has a nice alcohol tolerance and a decently long fuse when it comes to typical annoying folks at every day saloons and such.
He, unfortunately, has a bitter taste in his mouth called a need for destruction. He can be a calm, alright guy one minute, but something could snap for no reason at all-- usually when he was alone --and he could be ripping the heads off of roosters with no reason. Destruction is a painful craving he experiences every once in a while hat can come in many forms, but he does his damnest to repress it in public as guilt rarely becomes him and he is sometimes unaware of his actions. One could call it sadistically reckless, in sense.
He is protective and territorial like a wild dog as he was almost trained like one during imprisonment, used for fighting, hunting, anything physically tasking. Seeing as his captors didn't speak much English and those who did ingored him, he shut up for quite some time talking to no one at all for days. Weeks. His communication skills obviously began to diminish.

It's alright if you know him. Just don't try to know him too much as he doesn't even know himself.


Artie by those closest to him

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