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Summary: One day, Angry Bear would lead the Shoshone to victory and reclaim the land they had lost.

Angry Bear

Gender: M

Age: 39

Group: Deceased Characters



Place of Residence

Shoshone settlement

Physical Appearance

Hardened, stern appearance


1862 Model Winchester Rifle
Short Bow and Arrows
Eagle Claw Scepter
Elaborate Headdress


Shoshone Chief


Angry Bear is the son of Chief Bear Hunter, who was slain by the US cavalry at the Battle of Bear Creek. It was more of a massacre, where the cavalry launched a surprise attack. Many women and children were slaughtered.

Hence the name Angry Bear. It was placed on his shoulders to lead his people south into Nevada Territory and settle his people among the Shoshone tribes there. He took the burden on, which has led to his serious nature. Like most Indians, he has a distrust of the white men, especially if the wear a uniform.



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Image of Angry Bear
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