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Summary: Former Member of the Western Brotherhood, Out For Revenge

Luther Barron

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Other


American, born in Michigan

Place of Residence

Roams around the Western US

Physical Appearance

Raggedy clothes
Dark hair and eyes
Tan skin
Dark clothing


Revolver that belonged to James Heath
Picture of him and his father
Rifle strapped to his back
A couple sticks of dynamite


Former leader (although for a short time) of the Western Brotherhood.


Luther was born in Michigan to a poor family, and at the age of eighteen his family took a trip to California to begin making riches fast. However they entered trouble in Nevada, where he was loaned money by a gang known as the Riders, and when Luther's father failed to pay, the Riders were about to kill him when he decided to swear loyalty to them, entering his family into the gang.

Luther's father was sent on the most dangerous tasks, and eventually the Riders grew and moved to the new region of Sundance, a prosperous mining region and farming region. They began to steal and loan, and eventually the local police that formed ambushed their location, killing half of the members.

The Riders fled into a local valley and went to war with a similar gang in the area, the Dusters. The war lasted for a year, but when both leaders were killed, Luther's father managed to forge a peace between the two to end the bloodshed. To seal the deal, Luther's father killed the two leaders of the Riders, and the two gangs formed the Western Brotherhood. Tensions simmered over the next three years, and the gang raided local towns and establishments.

Eventually, Luther's mother was killed by James Heath, one of the new sheriffs in Sundance. The Western Brotherhood waged war on the region and began to rob and steal and create ruthless bonds with certain people. In one of the deadly battles that sealed the fate for the region, James Heath was killed, alongside Luther's father and a dozen Brotherhood members. Everyone else either fled or was captured and later hanged.

Luther fled into the mountains and remains there to this day, plotting his return and revenge.


The Old Brother
The Red Rider

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Image of Luther Barron
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