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Summary: Can you pay? Then we're your men.

Kit Wanders with Wonder Cassidy

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Other


Half Navajo, Half American

Place of Residence

Changes Daily (They move around a lot, cant track if they don’t sit still long)

Physical Appearance

Kit is tall (6’)and statuesque with the same chiseled features as his brother Caden, like his brother Kit lean and strong from a lifetime of wandering the Midwest. His hair is black, long and black tied into a neat, tight braid with sides’ shaven down nearly to the skin and bronzed skin indicating his mixed heritage. Kit’s most stand-out feature is his bright amber eyes. He often accentuates this feature with yellow and black war paint using his peculiar eye color to his advantage.


A well-loved and maintained Smith & Wesson No.3 Revolver with a white pearl grip. Like a true marksmen Kit doesn’t use a holster but Bridgeport rig giving him a significant advantage on a quick draw.

A heavily modified Mare’s Leg shotgun. The base is Winchester M. For close and personal situations.

A scoped Winchester Model 1873 lever action rifle.

Bowie knife with a carved antler handle.

Recurve bow and arrows.

A variety of tomahawks and throwing knives in numerous sizes hidden all around his person.

White mare mustang (Who’s more Arabian than Spanish Barb) named Skyfire. She built for the long haul and has endurance for days so what she lacks in the short run she makes up in the long flat run. She also very well trained and can be is able to respond to whistle commands. Don’t touch his horse, if the horse don’t kill you Kit will.

Kit also keeps about him a pair of grey female wolves he raised since cubs. Lilac and Rose. Mind you he doesn’t treat them as on would dogs (you can’t do that with wolves), they are equal contributing members of the family. They are pack. They help with hunting, protecting camp, and sometimes protecting Kit and his brother.




Kit, born ‘Wanders in Wonder’, is the second child of Johnna Cassidy and the firstborn to his second wife a Navajo maid ‘Loved by the Wind’. His name, Kit, comes from his brother who on occasion affectionately called ‘Wander’. Kit was born with an unusual set of eyes, unfortunately, due the color and tone of the baby’s eyes the superstitious tribe declared the child a skinwalker and gave the new mother a choice. Kill the child (via abandonment in the desert) or be banished from the tribe and never return under the pain of death.

‘Loved by the Wind’ chose her child and cursed her tribe. So after Johnna took ill and died leaving her alone with two young children. Sadly Kit was too young to really know his father and he knows was from that time forward the lived on the road, the wind as there guide like a family of tumbleweeds.

The world was not kind or fair. Hard lessons for the tender-hearted Kit, who had a lot of trouble making friends. He was rejected by white kids for being half injun and rejected by any tribe they came across out of superstition.

Kit though did find solace with animals though. He seemed to have a natural understanding of how they worked and acted, even learning to mimic a variety of sounds, though it seemed to work against him even more with the natives. As such Kit is an unparalleled in tracking and is an excellent marksmen with a rifle. He also learned how to throw tomahawks and knives with deadly accuracy.

Use the lesson there mother had taught the boys finally parted way wanting to find a life of their own, though their mother always seemed to show up when they needed her most. The boys to jaded to believe in any cause they did believe in one thing. Cold hard cash. So the two became mercenaries, hired guns who’s loyalty could be bought so long as they didn’t miss a payment. Even so, the pair had a strict send of honor. Once a contract was made (half up front, half on completion) … they kept it. Unless that is, the person hiring them tried to cheat them out of their fair share.


Peruse Nitsékees (Wanders with Wonder)

Ahnah Yahtahey (Eyes Like the Devil)

Devil Eyes

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