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James Wirt

Gender: M

Age: 35

Group: Other



Place of Residence


Physical Appearance

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Well dressed businessman


Wagon full of Miracle Elixir
Derringer in cost pocket
Shotgun in wagon front


Elixir salesman


In his travels, trying to win at gambling, Wirt came across an elixir salesman. To pay his gambling debt to Wirt, he sold Wirt the secret recipe to produce the elixir, which promises anything from more energy and hair growth for men to added energy and orgasmic delight for women.

He took the recipe an ran with it. Wirt now makes a circuit in Sundance, spending a couple of weeks in each town, then moves on. He lives in the back of his coach. It is also where he cooks Wirt’s Miracle Elixir.



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Image of James Wirt
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