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Summary: Leader of the Laredo Gang

Buckshot Tom Laredo

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Other


Irish American

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Physical Appearance

Buckshot is agrizzled 6 foot tall wild man. He has medium to long brownish blonde hair and usually is sporting some sort of facial hair. Has a cold dead look in his eyes, and a nasty rope burn around his neck.


Never seen without his mules leg sawed off shotgun.

Also carries a lasso and knife. Other guns depend on the job he's doing.


Leader of the Laredo Gang, a certified outlaw


Tom Laredo has a sketchy past at best. The son of a Texas Ranger, many thought he'd take up the badge himself. They never saw the true home life though. The first man he kilt was his pa and it was with the Mule's leg he always carries around.

At first he rode alone not trusting folks much. Soon enough this ended with a rope around his neck. He'd be dead too if it weren't for the one they call Johnny No Name.

Since that day the two have been inseperable. Other members come and go, but they will always ride together till the day they die. Now if only they could shake that blasted woman that's been dogging them.



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Image of Buckshot Tom Laredo
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