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Summary: Buckshot Laredos right hand man. Very fast draw

Johnny No Name

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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Other


Italian descent

Place of Residence

The Gang's camp which moves. Usually in a box canyon somewhere.

Physical Appearance

Johnny is an imposing 6'3" and roughly 200 pounds. He has medium lenth dark hair and a few days worth of stubble. Usually the last things folks see before dying is his ice cold glare and the cigar he's chomping on.


Two custom made pearl grip revolvers in quickdraw holsters. A longgun, old knife and a bow.

Always has a cigar as well


The enforcer of the Laredo gang


No one alive knows Johnny's true last name and he isn't revealing it. He became quite notorious as a teen when he killed his first man. Since folks have challenged the quickdraw but Johnny survives. He's been wounded several times but always has walked away.

It was a strange day when he saved Tom's life as he had always been a loner. Now he can't imagine being apart. Tom has helped him make plenty of cash too.

It's only been recently that's he's questioned his friend. If Johnny had his way he would've gutted the Parker woman and been done with it. Tom though acts like it's a game with her. Johnny saw it in her eyes that she won't stop pursuing them and if Tom ain't careful, she will be the death of them.


Johnny No Name

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