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Summary: A gunsmith just wanting someone to love her

Rebecca Walker

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Gender: Fenale

Age: 21

Group: Citizens/NPC's


German American

Place of Residence


Physical Appearance

Becca is a bi tall at 5'7" and packs it with a hundred 25 pounds. Her blue eyes hold a hint of her harsh past. Her wild brown hair is usually tied back so it don't get in her way.


Personal weapons include a Winchester rifle and a pistol with one shot in it.

She owns the deed to her shop and has a fine selection of your normal firearms as well as a few custom jobs.


Becca is agunsmith and can forge most firearms


The only disappointment Becca's father had was her brother had no desire to follow him as a gunsmith. Becca however took to it with gusto. It was through this she met a feller who grew sweet on her. Then the Commaches attacked and ever since men call her ruin. She took off to ply her trade, Joe the only constant.

It hasn't been easy as most don't think a lady can do the job. They soon change their minds though. Whatever reason though they all hear what happened to her and men want nothing to do with her.

Becca has discovered why and csme to the new area alone. She is tired of being alone and Joe was why. To this day she has a small one shot pistol should Indians try it again. One shot to end it as she would never go through that again.


Dirty Becca

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Image of Rebecca Walker
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