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Summary: An Irish rail worker with a criminal background. He's trying to behave, but trouble finds him easy.

Liam McCoy

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Gender: M

Age: 25

Group: Citizens/NPC's


Irish Immigrant

Place of Residence

Pine, the railroad town

Physical Appearance

A pale man ginger man with some facial hair and a tattoo on his arm (see picture)


Aside from the clothes on his back, Liam arrives to Pine with nothing else, save for his hat and a rosary he brought with him from Ireland.


Rail Worker


Liam grew up in a criminal gang in Ireland. Eventually, he left, mostly to avoid getting killed by the authorities, but also to flee the hardships of Ireland that made crime necessary for many people. He arrived in America and became a rail worker, as many Irish did. The rail company sent him to Pine to maintain the track, and when he isn't doing his job, he can be found in the saloon drinking away his pay and hoping for something better to come along.


The Irishman

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Image of Liam McCoy
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