This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Game Rules:
-Please don't post with another member's character unless given permission or you wrote it with the member
-Foul language/ graphic images are allowed, but don't use excess.
-Be respectful to other players, be constructive
-Don't god mod, aka: don't have unstoppable characters or get out of every single situation unscathed
-Don't ret-con posts made by other members unless we all agree to do so
-DO NOT kill another player's character unless given permission to do so
-Feel free to put plot twists in your posts, but don't make huge, confusing ones

Places in Sundance, Nevada
-Silverado: The main town, outfitted with an infirmary, saloon, jail, hotel, stables, farms, and stores.

-West Chester: Another main town, one of the biggest launching pads for many bounty hunters. Many lawmen also come from here as well. Similar buildings as Silverado.

-Pine: A railroad town, fit with a train station and many stores.

-Stonebury: A large farm and ranch, a common source of work and goods.

**Feel free to create your own locations, but these are major ones**

Silver Hand Camp
-Located on top of a plateau in the southern region. Away from most civilization. Filled with tents and campfires.

Starr Camp
-Located in the forest overlooking West Chester. Mostly out of sight, outfitted with many cabins and tents.

Character Group Roles:

Silver Hand Gang-Your goal is to wear down the influence and dominance of the Starr Gang, your rival. Work with other gang members to rob trains, banks, people, wagons, etc. to establish your foothold in the region.

Starr Gang- Your goal is to wear down and run out the Silver Hand gang, and to destroy the effect that the lawmen have on the region.

Federal Agents/Local Police- Your goal is to protect the citizens and to bring order to Sundance. Your priority is to take gang members alive if you can in order to learn more, but often gang members are shot on sight.

Bounty Hunters-You will be contracted or given money by some third party to capture, kill, rob, kidnap, etc. Your job is to do so or forge your own path.

Citizens- You live a day in the life of a typical Sundance citizen, and you will typically be carrying daily tasks or getting involved in your own adventures. You can switch between categories as your character's alignment changes.

Other-Your character does not fit into the above categories.