This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Game Rules:
-Please don't post with another member's character unless given permission or you wrote it with the member
-Foul language/ graphic images are allowed, but don't use excess.
-Be respectful to other players, be constructive
-Don't god mod, aka: don't have unstoppable characters or get out of every single situation unscathed
-Don't ret-con posts made by other members unless we all agree to do so
-DO NOT kill another player's character unless given permission to do so
-Feel free to put plot twists in your posts, but don't make huge, confusing ones

Places in Sundance, Nevada
-Silverado: The main town, outfitted with an infirmary, saloon, jail, hotel, stables, farms, and stores.

-West Chester: Another main town, one of the biggest launching pads for many bounty hunters. Many lawmen also come from here as well. Similar buildings as Silverado.

-Pine: A railroad town, fit with a train station and many stores.

-Stonebury: A large farm and ranch, a common source of work and goods.

-Riverside: A town located along a rive nearby Cattleman Lake. It's located on the Wind River, with bridges connecting both sides of the town. Prosperous in fishing markets.

**Feel free to create your own locations, but these are major ones**

Silver Hand Camp
-Located on top of a plateau in the southern region. Away from most civilization. Filled with tents and campfires.

Starr Camp
-Located in the forest overlooking West Chester. Mostly out of sight, outfitted with many cabins and tents.

Character Group Roles:

Silver Hand Gang-Your goal is to wear down the influence and dominance of the Starr Gang, your rival. Work with other gang members to rob trains, banks, people, wagons, etc. to establish your foothold in the region.

Starr Gang- Your goal is to wear down and run out the Silver Hand gang, and to destroy the effect that the lawmen have on the region.

Federal Agents/Local Police- Your goal is to protect the citizens and to bring order to Sundance. Your priority is to take gang members alive if you can in order to learn more, but often gang members are shot on sight.

Bounty Hunters-You will be contracted or given money by some third party to capture, kill, rob, kidnap, etc. Your job is to do so or forge your own path.

Citizens- You live a day in the life of a typical Sundance citizen, and you will typically be carrying daily tasks or getting involved in your own adventures. You can switch between categories as your character's alignment changes.

Other-Your character does not fit into the above categories.

The Story So Far...

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time in Sundance

Alvin O'Connor, the sheriff of Silverado, a small yet prosperous town in Sundance, Nevada, journeys out to one of his officers in the desert. There he finds the body of a man named Bill, a spy within the Starr Gang, now dead. Alvin journeys to Pine, a neighboring town, to talk to Daren Callahan about the death. Alvin has Joanna bury the body quickly in the church cemetery. Upon arrival in Pine, Daren agrees to tell other towns and cities to increase protection, and Alvin leaves back for Silverado.

Elliot Gray, leader of the Silver Hand, decides to lead a group to journey around Pine and Silverado, and the loyal gangster Boyd Sutton joins him. Raymond Starr, the leader of the Starr Gang, enlists the help of his son, Bart, and a few others to go get revenge on the town of Silverado, more specifically Alvin, for orchestrating Bill's spying.

Meanwhile Mattie Hicks, an established bounty hunter, struggles to get paid due to her being a woman. She travels to Silverado and to the saloon there, where Jack, Mondette, and others are drinking and having fun. Mattie hopes to be able to talk to Miss Emily, the owner of the saloon. Cody, a blacksmith, enters the saloon.

At one of the poker tables in the bar, a ruckus occurs, and Jack ends up shooting a man who accused the others of ganging up on him. Jack shoots the man three times when he reaches for a gun, and the others call for Alvin. The doctor and Joanna arrive, and eventually Alvin does as well. Mattie and Cody meet in the bar.

Raymond, Bart, and the others arrive on the outskirts of the town close to nightfall, and they take aim in the city. Elliot and Boyd ride nearby and see the Starr's, so they hide nearby to watch the development. Eventually, Alvin walks out of the saloon and Raymond shoots him. He's rushed to the hospital, and a shootout occurs between Elliot, Boyd, and the Starr's.

Back at the Silver Hand camp, a conflict arises between Manuel and Ethan after Ethan keeps getting cozy with his sister. Back in Silverado, the Starr's run down the hill and the shootout continues. Raymond's horse is killed, and he and Bart manage to escape. Mattie and Cody get on their horses and charge up to the hill to dispatch of the shooters, and Boyd and Elliot make for a hasty retreat. Bart decides to ride into Silverado secretly to "visit the ladies."

Chapter 2: The Great Shootout
Mattie and Cody decide to head to West Chester to speak to a US Marshall about the recent shootout, and to possibly gather bounties. They grow closer while on the journey, telling each other of their pasts. Cody admits his feelings for her.

Elliot deals with the Manuel and Ethan conflict, forcing them to apologize and move on. Elliot decides that they must fight back against the Starr's, and seeing the direction they rode off in, he thinks they should take a small group and see where their camp is. Boyd, Hawkes, Manuel, and others accompany him on the endeavor. Boyd wants to stop at Silverado and teach Mattie and Cody a lesson, and Elliot agrees to do it.

Raymond arrives back at camp and decides to rob a train the next morning, and to meet up with Bart in Silverado to do so. A few tag along and they ride out the next morning. They go into Silverado to find Bart to head to the train.

The Starr's enter the town at the same time the Silver Hand contingent does, and they both recognize each other. A shootout begins, and the lawmen flank the Silver Hand, causing them to scatter. The Starr's escape with Bart, and the Silver Hand evacuates to the church, where they take hostages (Eleanor and Joanna). Elliot is shot in the leg and is brought into the church. The Silver Hand decides to exchange the hostages for a doctor.

Jedidiah Dowd, a ruthless judge, arrives in Pine and agrees to go with Callahan to Silverado to assist Alvin.

While on their way to the train, Raymond and Bart meet Marley, someone whose mother was friends with Raymond's late wife. Bart rides back to camp with Marley, and Raymond continues to the train, which he and the others rob with minimal casualties. They ride back to camp.

Alvin wakes up in the hospital and learns that he may be there a while. He's not feeling to great about it, but agrees to recover. Daren Callahan is notified of the situation in Silverado, and gets his horse ready to depart for the town.

Eventually, a doctor is sent to help Elliot's wounds, and Callahan and Dowd arrive in Silverado and meet with Alvin, before going to aid the situation with the church. Inside of the church, more tension brews between Hawkes and Manuel, especially after Hawkes takes control when Elliot loses consciousness and when Manuel doesn't reveal a second hostage.

Bart gets Marley situated at the camp and rides out to find Raymond, and to make sure the train heist went okay. He catches up to them, and Raymond wonders about Marley's loyalty. They encounter Eliza, a former member of the gang who had left and was presumed dead. She left to go to her father's funeral, and knew she wouldn't be allowed to leave easily. Bart doesn't take kindly to her sudden return. Raymond decides to keep her and they head back to camp.

Mattie and Cody make it to West Chester, and fall in love along the way. They find Marshall Tucker, and they request to be given information about any bounties, and to send excess troops to Silverado to protect it after Alvin's attempted assassination, but he says they've been sent already.

Raymond and his fellow gang members decide, upon returning to camp, that the best course of action is to move their camp to Cattleman Lake, not too far away from the town of Riverside. Bart is sent ahead to scout, and the others pack up and leave. Eliza catches up to Bart and apologizes for leaving, as they had a sort-of-romance before she left, and they share a kiss.

The Silver Hand is given horses to escape, and they do, but not before burning down a local shop on their escape, which escalates tensions. They escape with one of the sisters and the doctor, and Tucker arrives in town in time to take Callahan to search for them.

Chapter 3: The Law Closes In
The Starr's arrive at Cattleman Lake, and find Bart to be drunk. He wakes up the next morning with a nasty hangover, and is confused as to where he stands with Eliza and Marley. Jake, another member of the Starr Gang, and a rather smart one, admits to Bart that he has feelings for Marley. Bart is brought Jenkins, who attempted to desert the Starr's. Bart kills him. To blow off steam, Bart goes to scout Riverside, and Raymond sends Jake to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Pedro Rowell, the sheriff in West Chester, caves in after learning about the situation growing in Silverado, and Tucker's involvement, and decides to take two dozen men and himself to assist. He begins his journey to Silverado.

Calvin Case and Felix Clemmons, Silver Hand gangsters, decide to leave camp after Elliot and the others don't return.