Places in the Snow

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Luther surveyed the land once more from his cottage on the mountain. He looked out at the expansive land, wishing it to be his, yet knowing his time had passed. Or had it? He sighed, lit a cigarette, and released a puff. Yeah, he thought. Maybe hope can still exist.

He'd been watching Sundance for years, and it wasn't until he'd seen the gangs fall apart that he finally decided to make his move. What was his first move? Making an alliance with the estranged king, the one named Elliot Gray.

Luther descended from his cottage on horseback and traveled miles and miles until he reached the small camp set up. Elliot was smoking on the outskirts of it, probably looking for food to shoot. Luther would give him a show.

Luther got to him and cocked his gun. He didn't point it at him, but he had it out at the ready. Elliot saw it and began to draw, but Luther pulled his trigger and had a bullet running inches from his face.

"You don't want this, son," Luther said. "Just don't reach for the gun and there won't be a problem, got it?"

Elliot slowly lowered the gun and put his hands up.

"That won't be necessary. Just wanna have a talk, is all."

Elliot lowered his hands. "What do you want?"

"I want you to see my perspective here," he began. "You know what the Western Brotherhood was? Ever heard of 'em?"

Elliot nodded. "In the bars, around the place. We ain't 'em, if that's what yer concerned about."

"No, no," Luther said. "I'm not afraid of you being the Western Brotherhood. My father was the leader when it fell. I've been livin' in these mountains for a spell, and I've seen everything." A smile crept across his face. "And I'm here to help. We'll take back the place together. I got some dynamite, guns, and I know where some other former members are hangin' out."

"We're tryin' to lay low."

"And I won't let you wallow in the cold anymore. The doctor will stick with us, he seems useful. So, wake up yer friend, and let's form a plan."

"A plan?"

"Yes," Luther said. "Not a moment to waste."

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